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Sebastian met the two girls at the same time: ”I am very sad” – Aftonbladet

The "Bachelor" urtartade in doubles after recording

It ended with the happy kisses in the "Bachelor".

But back home in Sweden, continued Sebastian Ljungberg to meet with both Jennie and Annica, at the same time – but they knew about the partnered.

– I have been incredibly angry and disappointed at the Sebastian, ” says Jennie Seling.

He chose Jennie Seling, 29, but after the "Bachelor" on the island of Aruba continued Sebastian Ljungberg, 37, to meet both her and the other finalist Annica Olsson, 32, in secret.

Partnered was first revealed after several weeks and presented in tonight’s "Bachelor – When the game became serious," in the seventh grade.

– He made it sound like he would finish with Jennie, I was going to wait, give him time, that they barely heard and then he left her, ” says Annica and continues:

– He sent the same text to both of us, went from Jennie to me. We talked on the phone, said goodnight and texting on a daily basis. When it was flystrejk I drove him home, ” says Annica to Nöjesbladet.

Jennie should not have been told anything until after a month.

– We celebrated midsummer, I met his friends and we met another time and heard you. Then came everything up in the beginning of July, it managed to go five weeks before it all revealed itself, I think, ” she says.

"I would have broken with both"

But according to Sebastian was searching for a date over faster than that

– I met Jennie three times after we got home. We had it good then but it never became more than that, it never came anymore. I told her that it didn’t work, I needed a break. Then it was completely exhausted with both Jennie and Ruth, we are talking about two-three weeks after we came home.

But you and Jennie celebrated midsummer with your friends?

– Yes, it is true. We were not together, but we met to see what it could lead to. I liked both the Dinos and Jennie and wanted to see what they could lead to.

It was like that Arubasituationen came with the home?

– Yes, it can be said. I began to think about two people very much. It is my mistake, I would have broken with both and said that there was a time, now I let it go 1.5–2 weeks for far. I am very sad for. I would have been honest with both, it was up to me to be man enough to finish.

"Has not been more"

In the program claims several of the women to Sebastian wooed them, something that Jennie got to know only then, in the tv studio.

– I have been incredibly angry and disappointed in Sebastian. The others have the thought that we not be seen anymore. It is so he said, ” she says.

But the claim is repudiated by Sebastian.

– This is completely wrong, they want to make good tv. I have not looked up any of them, six-seven of them have contacted me on Snapchat. That’s it. Me and Emma met once, we ate lunch and were seen at the home of her in Eksjö. They try enough to get it to look like a relationship, but really it’s not, ” he says.

Brought together Jennie and Annica

the Drama has influenced the life of both Jennie and Beverley, none of them has started dating again. Annica has been to see the programs.

– I have found it hard to look at it. I have shaken like an aspen leaf, and does not sleep at the nights afterwards. I think it’s awfully nice when this is all over now, ” she says.

the Drama has, however, brought them together.

– We have heard very much discussing what has happened in the programme, and to ease our feelings about the whole thing. We have gone through very much together, ” says Jennie.

– We are always there for each other if there is something. I’m proud of us. It will be nice that this comes out, so that I may go on, ” says Annica.

Both look forward to the series to stop so that regular life can take in again.

– I think the still in love despite what has happened. I am convinced that the right guy is out there somewhere, ” says Jennie.


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