Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rage against the tv profile – after glasshånet – Expressen

The former "Top Gear"-the gang is in the fire again.

Jeremy Clarkson tried to rescue their colleague Richard Hammond from making fools of themselves in their new programs – but in vain.

Hammond’s claim that it is gay to eat ice cream arouses great anger.

"Top Gear"-profile Jeremy Clarkson, 56, is accustomed to be under fire. Perhaps it was because he tried to save her colleague Richard "The Hamster" Hammond, 47, from the worsening of the situation in their program "The Grand Tour".

Bilprogrammet aired on december 23 in the streaming service Amazon Prime. Where commented Clarkson the white upholstery in a Rolls royce:

– The only problem in this is that you can’t enjoy a Magnum ice cream.

– It is quiet. I don’t eat ice cream. It has something to do with the fact that I am hetero, said Hammond then.

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Jeremy Clarkson is questioning the strange opinion

the Audience applauds, but Clarkson interrupt and question the Hammonds remarkable opinion.

” What do you mean? … Are you saying that all the children are gay?

But Hammond stands on itself.

ice Cream is a little bit, you know. There is nothing wrong with it, but a grown man eating ice cream – then it’s on the way, “he says, and concludes:

” I have the right. I can’t believe you don’t understand it. It’s simple, ” he says.

the Statement has led to a great need in social media. Several people call Hammonds opinions of the despicable and accusing him of being a homophobe.

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"Sends all the wrong signals"

The Guardian has spoken to a spokesperson for the LGBT organisation Stonewall, which says that the words were not only laughable but was used to deliberately "degrade and diminish".

– the Stonewall train teachers to tackle homophobic, bifoba and transfoba expression like this, so when young people hear this kind of language on tv it makes us extremely disappointed and will send completely the wrong signals, ” says the spokesperson to the newspaper.

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