Monday, December 19, 2016

Forced to move on Lill Lindfors documentary in the SVT: ”Not finished” – Aftonbladet

Lill Lindfors-the documentary has disappeared from the SVT’s nyårstablå.Photo: Björn Lindahl/Marcus Ericsson

Documentary about Lill Lindfors, 76, would be one of the major efforts of the SVT during the christmas and new year.

– It didn’t get finished, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.

DocumentaryLill Lindfors – a single Lill" would broadcast in prime time on January 2.

But now it has been removed from the schedule, which Expressen was the first to tell the.

According to the singer were missing pieces, she considered significant in the story of her life.

– When you sit down and look you will see those things, it was things we didn’t have time to get before the winter came. The work was delayed and I have had an intense jobbhöst, suddenly it was winter and we hadn’t thought of us. So a week ago we decided to shoot at it, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.

What are the pieces you are missing?

– It is several different things, I can’t point to just one. I want to get more of Åland where I spent my childhood summers and my home town Helsinki. So we have been putting forth the effort to make a full programme now when we do it, ” she says.

According to her, the decision was both her and the production.

because of the artist’s busy schedule will additions be made over the coming year.

– I have just been jätteförkyld like so many others, and now there is no chance, it is christmas and I have just moved. And since I work in Norway. So maybe in march-april, ” she says.

Anneli Mencin is the executive producer of "Lill Lindfors – a single Lill" on SVT, mean that it is common that programs do not have the time to become finished and therefore move forward. She hopes that the portrait can be finished to be sent in the spring.

– There are no worries. We have several great programs that we have lying so it is just another program that gets the airtime, now there will be the traditional "the Year was 1967, the" sent there instead, ” she says to Expressen.


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