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Per Svensson: Donald – a pure singer.

the Idea was well originally to the cartoon films that would make it easier for children to while away the long hours of waiting before it was christmas eve. Now try graying generations to convince their increasingly skeptical children that there is christmas eve on the really first on and when you look at Donald Duck.

When the SVT’s julvärd Sanna Nielsen turns on the light in the studio at five minutes to three in the day and presents "Donald Duck and his friends wishes merry christmas", it corresponds the closest to the elevation of the chalice in the narrower religious context.

Why have a collection söndertittade Disneysekvenser become an equally integral part of Swedish christmas celebrations that översöt must and rearuscher? To ponder over this mystery has itself become something of a ritual. The simple answer is that christmas is upprepningarnas big feast. You do what you do in order that you always have done what you are doing.

the First time Disneykavalkaden was shown in Swedish tv was christmas eve 1960. I have vague childhood memories of Walt Disney himself introduced the program. He was standing by a large fireplace and had the fairy Tinker bell as the sidekick. At this time, Sweden was modern. The children in the 60′s and 70′s grew up with Donald Duck on christmas eve was marinated in modernity. No wonder, then, that we have strong nostalgic feelings about a world in which technological innovations (Donald and his friends ‘ fully automated caravan!) could turn a dump into a vacation paradise.

Those were the days. Today, we suspect, on reasonable grounds, that the relationship is the reverse: the development transforms paradises into the dumps. The innocence of modernity belongs in the past, has become a part of the cultural heritage, the sagokapital, as Disney cleverly managed, and did.

I usually say to Donald Duck, and then I think the closest on the comic book, has been one of my most important bildningskällor. A day like this, when we gather around the tv to view Donald our love and respect, it feels right and proper to recall his role as educator. I am certainly not alone in having learned from the duck in the sailor suit.

In the winter was the author and columnist Lena Andersson Dagens Nyheter addition, Lagercrantzen. In the interview, the newspaper’s cultural section, Björn Wiman did with the prize-winner discussed her interest in "how folkhemsmoderniteten changes in Sweden" and her own bildningsgång. The two topics had a common denominator: the Donald Duck and other seriefavoriter from childhood. "I’ve learned a lot from comic books – so much to look at in this hugely stylized world …, " said Lena Andersson.

Now I have an appointment with her at a lunch restaurant in Stockholm. We should split the bill on the formation and tidningsankor. The way in which Donald has contributed to your formation, I ask.

– So, in retrospect, I understand how good Donald Duck is made. Images. Narrative. The characters. It is unrivalled. Perfect characters that stand in perfectly symmetrical relationships to each other. They are the archetypes, responds to Lena Andersson.

It is precisely this, they are pure and clear in Ankeborg, it anketypiska, she would like to highlight that formation. To reside in the world was to train themselves in understanding of how human relationships look and work.

the Archetypes have become something ugly. Archetypes have been the same as bias. But we fördummar ourselves when we think that the archetypes is to be removed. We can’t do without them. Donald Duck-the world is not reality. It is a design where the different characters are the epitome of what we know about existence.

And to be educated is well to actually know something about life?

– You probably need to have a reasonably understanding of the history, knowing what happened in the world, at least in a crude way. You can’t have read everything. It is impossible. But you should have read things that make you understand how things fit together. To sum it up: the is formation, perhaps, to understand that nothing is new under the sun.

Yes, I will also say this: education is that through reading and lived experience come to the realization that neither you or the time you live in is unique. Contributes comic books, Donald Duck, for example, really to make the people formed?

the Series creates a desire in us to go into other worlds than those we find ourselves in, for us in reading. The joy of reading I was able to experience when as a child, I read comic books, the euphoria, it is almost so that I have not experienced it since then.

the love of Reading, but also a pleasurable learning experience.

” I think that the insights that I have gained of Donald Duck is of the same kind as the insights you can get from the literature. When I in the beginning of the 2000s wrote on my second book and it was laborious so I thought that what I wanted to achieve was that the reader would feel the same as I felt when I read comic books: carried away with, to understand something, to experience the enjoyment of being in the story.

On a totally concrete plan, the Donald Duck series been impressive, rich in kunskapsstoff, not least in the adventure that was written and designed by the legendary Carl Barks. Classic works of art, ancient civilisations, historical events, the gold rush in the Yukon, sunken wrecks and ducks in powdered wigs with the pigtail …

” Exactly. Then you understood that this was the epitome of the 1700s!

Before the conversation with Lena Andersson, and I have made a raid in the digital press archives and discovered that I, myself, already more than ten years ago participated in a conversation about the same topic: Donald Duck and the formation. It was at the time I worked at Expressen kulturredaktion. Donald Duck would fill 70 years. The editorial staff gathered for the symposium. The roles were serietidningsmässigt clear. I, myself, and Björn Wiman, at the time Expressenkulturens editorial secretary, came out as a dedicated Donald-fans. Nina Lekander and Gunilla Brodrej took the more nuanced and reflective approaches while the Nisse Schwartz acted Kalle-skeptics. Nisse pointed out, rightly, qualities of the Ture Sventon and Pelle and stamped Donald Duck-the characters as "stereotypes".

the Grapple of a, so, in retrospect, not totally understandable, the outrage I seem to have cried: "Achilles was also a stereotype. Donald Duck is exactly like Achilles."

What do I mean? "Exactly" like Achilles. Hmmm … But there is something that both Donald Duck and Achilles is defined by a property, and that this characteristic is common to the two heroes: the sudden flare up the anger. "Sing, o goddess, about the anger that burned in Peliden Achilles."

In this respect, it is actually without guard with distanserande irony to draw parallels between the homeric world and Ankeborg. As well as at Disney is the characters in the Iliad and the Odyssey possible to label: donald Duck is mean. Odysseus is mångförslagen.

Lena Andersson, this is a literary quality.

” We are otherwise so busy that people are multifaceted, And it is good that we are, when it comes to reality. But in the literature makes it something else than in reality. And the comic books belong to sagogenren.

And fairy tales based on archetypal notions, figures, and relationships: evil against good, witches, goblins, abducted princesses, cunning bondpojkar. It is therefore entirely logical that Disneyvärlden populated by both Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse snow white and Cinderella.

“If we are to return to the issue of education,” says Lena Andersson, so, I believe that comic books are very useful precisely because they early on understand that you can go into a different world. The world is similar to ours enough for it to be interesting, but at the same time, sufficiently distant to understand that now there are other things I should look for, now I am going to teach me what applies here. It is an exercise in empathy, in the ability to go into other worlds, in the other state. And it is the basis for the formation.

personally, I think me to worlds that Ankeborg is a bit like chemistry’s periodic system: a messy reality with the arcane connection is reduced in a pedagogic and transparent way to their elements and their interrelationships.

In his own writing has Lena Andersson in a direct and concrete way benefited from the Donald Duck universe of clarity. She gave in 2006 published the novel "Duck City", which this year come in the pocket. It is a satirical dystopia in a world where a suicidal over-consumption of fat creates the conditions for an authoritarian and folkfostrande state. Lena Andersson tells us that she first tried to use a realistic story.

It was impossible. It was not possible. I realized that I need to find a distanseringseffekt. And what could be better than to use Ankeborg, get the characters for free and then shift it all a little, ” she says and adds after a moment:

– the Ducks are the fat already from the start. And Donald have a very big big ass.

But he is not just his body. He is also their language. As late as this week, was one of Kalle Ankas Swedish translator Stefan Diös, a significant språkkonstnär – interviewed in the radio show "Language". The subject was just Kalle Ankas contribution to the Swedish language; nice words like "läskeblask" and "Långbortistan". How many children have, over the years thanks to the Donald Duck understood that the words are wonderful toys? Many.

"An episode in a great Donald Duck adventure includes more creative use of language than what DN’s kultursidor make in a whole year", beating Björn Wiman fixed in Expressenkulturens Kallesamtal.

We let it be the final words and raise our glass with julmustblask in a bowl for Donald Duck and his friends.


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