Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fewer conflicts in the ”Stars at the castle” – Aftonbladet

Last season duggade conflicts tightly.

In the year, the participants in the "Stars at the castle" production requirements before they are accepted: No fractions-tv.

– I was terrified that it would be so, ” says Magnus Uggla.

"the Stars at the castle" in 2015, highlighted by storbråk. Morgan Alling, 48,Claire Wikholm, 48, belittled his broken childhood and Stefan, 61, got fed up and left the dinner table in rage during the Marika Lagercrantz, 62, section. Afterwards spoke the actors are not good for each other.

Now new stars in the centre. This year the cast Sofia Ledarp, 42, Lia Boysen, 50, Johannes Brost, 69, Gunnel Fred, 60, and the artist Magnus Uggla, 61, spent a week in Ericsbergs castle in Sörmland.


Several of the participants put a demand on the production before they are accepted to the program. It would be the same focus on the fights and conflicts that last year, they wanted to not be with.

– I have not followed the program as closely but I have read in the newspaper about all the mudslinging that has been, in some applications, and that interests me not at all. I was very sure that it would not be so, ” says Johannes Brost.

Magnus Uggla was in doubt to the last. Only when he got a commitment from SVT to smutskastningen would not materialise, he chose to say yes.

– I was terrified of it. We talked a lot about it and they promised that it would not be so. But I was terrified nonetheless. It did not become such a program where you feel bad about each other, ” he says.

"did not sit on high horses"

He also had to know in advance what the other participants were.

– I knew not them, but they did not sit on high horses. I felt instinctively that we probably will not make a fuss.

Johannes Brost agree with.

– this set was brilliant. Magnus and I are very different and the three amazing women. I looked forward to hanging out with them. I was not at all worried about any controversy.

"the Stars at the castle" has säsongspremiär in BBC1 on 1 January at 20: 00.


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