Monday, December 19, 2016

The story of JT LeRoy literary scandal – bbc Radio

the Entire literary world and världsartisterna had taken the HIV-infected späde JT LeRoy to his heart.

His personal story, “Sarah” was about his upbringing as truckerhora, how he as a child, dressed as a girl, forced to prostitute herself in an existence filled with abuse and vuxensvek.

But it turned out that JT LeRoy did not exist.

the Books were written by Laura Albert. And the person who traveled the country and the kingdom of god, and given to nervous interviews about his past, was in fact a woman. Namely, Savannah Knoop, half-sister of Laura Albert’s then partner.

the Story has become a documentary, “the Author of the JT Leroy story”, directed by Jeff Feuerzeig, who now get the Swedish Video-On-Demand premiere.

P1 Culture Roger Wilson, who interviewed Savannah Knoop when it went, and last week rang up the real author Laura Albert, take the help of the Emma Gray Munthe and Marcus Lindeen to sort out the complicated story of JT LeRoy.


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