Friday, December 30, 2016

Carrie Fisher’s body has obducerats – Expressen

the Actress Carrie Fisher’s body has obducerats.

Her family are now planning a joint funeral for Carrie and mother Debbie Reynolds, who died on Wednesday. This is according to the

Carrie Fisher, 60, best known as princess Leila in Star Wars films, died Tuesday morning in the suites after the massive heart attack she suffered during a flight between London and Los Angeles.

Her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, died on Wednesday, probably because of a stroke.

a forensic pathologist in Los Angeles confirms that the Fisher obducerades on Friday morning, and that the body now been handed over to relatives.

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Mother and daughter will be buried next to each other

Todd Fisher, brother to Carrie, and son of Debbie, says the that they hope to hold a joint funeral for the two members of the family. The plan is also to be buried next to each other.

– It is what I would prefer. Of course there is no one specifically yet, but it sounds like a good idea, but the view of the beautiful community they had.

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Mother Debbie Reynolds’s last words: “Miss Carrie”

Todd Fisher has previously stated that the mother’s last words were that “she missed Carrie and wanted to be with her.”

This was 15 minutes before she was hit by a suspected strokeanfall, 84 years old.

An ambulance was alerted to the Debbie Reynolds residence in Beverly Hills, but she later died in the hospital.

Carrie and Debbie had a very strong mother-daughter relationship, writes the american nöjessajten on.

Reynolds was rewarded with a second star on the famous “Hollywood walk of fame” 1997 – including genombrottsrollen in musikalfilmen “Singinin the rain” with Gene Kelly”.

“I’m so proud,” explained Carrie Fisher at the press conference. If I’m going to live in anyone’s shadow, so it should be in yours, ” she said tenderly to his mother.


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