Monday, December 26, 2016

George Michael’s partner found him dead in bed”

George Michaels partner found him dead in bed.

Fadi Fawaz – who had not previously spoken about their realtion – now tells himself that he found George Michael in bed on christmas morning.

"I will never stop miss you," he writes on Twitter.

the Rumors have long made claims that George Michael lived in a long-term relationship with the renowned hair stylist Fadi Fawaz, tells TMZ. But none of them wanted to officially confirm their relationship, until now.

after George Michaels death choose Fadi Fawaz now to tell – both about the relationship and how he found his beloved dead.

On his twitter account he added a picture of the pair together and wrote under his name he wrote "I will never stop missing you. xx".

And in a message, he announced:

“It is a christmas I will never forget, to find his partner dead in the bed the first thing you do. I will never stop missing you.”

George Michael looked haggard at the end, tells the neighbours to the world cup.

He looked considerably older than his real age, “says a neighbor to the Daily Mail

On the last known image of George Michael – taken on a reastaurang in september – shows a swollen and out of shape George Michael, in a form far from their good’ ol days.

the world known George Michael lived his life as the myth of a pop star. And he shall at the last have been partying wildly, something that got his friends to once again abandon him one by one.

The last time George Michael have been alone. Photo: Splash News / SPLASH NEWS/IBL SPLASH NEWS

“He seemed to not have many friends left at the end,” says an informant to Radaronline.

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George Michael died in solitude

George Michael pulled themselves away from the public eye and lived as a recluse, withdrawn and trapped in his house in Oxfordshire in London, writes the british press.

Despite his many admirers the world over, was his partner Fadi Fawaz the one in place at the time of his death and the one who alerted the ambulance. According to the police died, the pop star, who was found dead in his home on christmas day, in peaceful circumstances after he suffered congestive heart failure.

in recent years, he has grappled with great problems with their health, among other things, the pneumonia he suffered in 2011. It led to that he needed intensive care, where his trachea was cut up to keep the airway open.

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Helping those in need

at the same time is reminded, now the world also on the star’s enormous generosity. New details have emerged of how he often helped unknown people in economic distress.

During his career earned George Michael a fortune, and declared 2015 to be worth around 1.2 billion Swedish kronor.

The british tv personality and presenter Richard Osman tweeted yesterday that George Michael donated money to a woman who took part in his game show “Deal or no deal” and which told me that she needed the equivalent of 170 000 sek for an in vitro fertilization.

Richard Osman writes that George Michael phoned the day after the program and asked to donate the money to the woman. She got the amount she needed.

Tweeten has been answered by others. A person claims to have witnessed George Michael at a café gave a woman the equivalent of less than 300 000 sek when she sat and cried over having so little money.

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Sang for the famine-hit

George Michaels interest for the charity stretched back to the beginning of his career.

in 1984, attended by George Michael in the collection Band Aid where he and other well known artists sang the song “Do they know it’s Christmas” for the benefit of the afflicted by famine in Ethiopia.


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