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Debbie Reynolds has died after a suspected stroke – Aftonbladet

Have been oscillating health since her daughter, Carrie Fisher heart attack – thanked for the condolences in the day

Debbie Reynolds, has died – a day after the daughter of Carrie Fisher died at the hospital.

TMZ write that she is suspected of having suffered a stroke, according to the information to Los Angeles Times she complained of breathing problems.

– Her last words were "I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie," said her son Todd to TMZ.

Debbie Reynolds was 84 years old.

the Task of Debbie Reynolds death came at 02.38 on the night of Thursday via several media, among others TMZ and Variety.

Reynolds was the home of his son Todd Fisher, in Beverly Hills, where the family must have planned funeral of Carrie Fisher. According to TMZ, she suffered a stroke, Los Angeles Times writes that she complained of breathing problems. The family must have called the emergency number at the old town with loads of night local time in Los Angeles. She was transported by ambulance to Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

– Her last words were "I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie," said her son Todd to TMZ.

According to TMZ, before midnight, was her health problems mild to serious, but not critical.

Her daughter, Carrie Fisher half-sister, Joely Fisher, presented at the same time a picture of the mother and her-self with the text: "may good fortune be with you mom" on Twitter.

Debbie Reynolds held vigil at her sickbed ago hjärtattacken on an airplane between London and Los Angeles, last Friday. Medieuppgifter contends that Reynolds health has been strained since then.

On christmas day, she said that her daughter’s location was stable, but on the tisdagmorgonen, local time, died in Carrie Fisher is 60 years old after four days at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

For Debbie Reynolds death showed the other actors of his sadness on Twitter, including William Shatner and George Takei, known to Star Trek:

Thanked for all the love

During Wednesday thanked Debbie Reynolds fans and colleagues for all the condolences after the death: "Thanks to all who have paid tribute to my beloved and amazing daughter’s gifts and talents. I am grateful to you for your thoughts and prayers now will guide her to where she should be. Love, Carrie’s mother". She and the singer Eddie Fisher was Carrie, in 1956.

the Relationship between the Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher were strained during the "Star wars"-the star’s youth. The problems described in Fisher’s book "Postcards from the dream factory" from 1987, which also was made into a film three years later.

– Family circulating around their parents, while families typically revolve around raising the children, she said to Oprah Winfrey 2011.

"She did not talk with me in ten years"

They found back to each other and have been described as extremely close to over the last few years, in enmansshowen and later the book "Wishful Drinking" from 2008 developed the Fisher with both the saltiness and love the relationship to the mother, and growing up as the child of two of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

– It is incredibly hard when your child doesn’t want to talk to you but you want to talk with it, and you want to touch them, you want to keep about them. The band was completely sheared between us. She did not talk with me. It was the most difficult period of all. Very painful, incredibly heartbreaking, ” said Reynolds in the same program with Oprah Winfrey.

"I have cried many tears"

she told also about the daughter’s abuse, as Fisher himself explained as partly the self-medication against their bipolaritet.

– There have been a few times when I thought that I would lose Carrie. I have cried many tears. But she is worth it.

Debbie Reynolds was born in 1932 and is known for many roles, including "Singin' in the rain" from 1952, "Great Wilbur" from 1973 and "Out or not" from 1997. She was nominated for an Oscar for her role of Molly Brown in "Colorado’s wild daughter" from 1964. Her most recent role was a guest appearance as a voice-over Disneyserien "7D" last year.


Carrie Fisher the death was 60 years old


Carrie Fisher a Hollywodstjärna of their fans


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