Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Century julkrig, part 19.


Kulturredaktionen counting down to christmas eve with a känslosprakande calendar. A lovers in the resolution are the focus. The Inspiration we have taken from one of the year’s most talked-about books.

She said: They are sitting in a cage. It could have been me. But they are atleast three pieces, so they have the company of each other.

He said: What dillar you on?

It’s lonley at the top

She said: Have you not heard about Something? With Little Jinder? As we saw in the “So much better”?

He said: Music for me is Wagner but something tells me that you are talking about is something else.

She said: I’m talking about Sweden, You have the now traditional charity project Musikhjälpen, where the three hosts sit in a cage and excites us to donate to the needy, this year it is about children in war, also has the right to go to school. But what I’m most talking about is the feeling of sitting like a caged animal.


She said: I renounce gladly the sugar if you give me my freedom. There is so much I want to do.

He said: Now you are there again. The same old show.

She said: It is absurd to want to command my life.

Live life, now I want to live life

He said: Enough with the old slagdängor now – I put on a little bit of Jussi instead.

She said: “Musikhjälpen”, musikstjälpen.

He said: Interpret it as you want, maybe I don’t want to be your host anymore.

She: I thank very humble.


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