Monday, December 26, 2016

George Michaels secret donations – gave 283 000 sek to the foreign woman – Aftonbladet

"Asked the waitress to give the check when he’s gone"

George Michael gave millions to charity, at galas and fundraisers.

Now disclosed several donations he made in the greatest secrecy.

– Thanks to him, hundreds of thousands of children have received help, says the collection Childlines founder Esther Rantzen.

He was good for around 1.2 billion, but kept the money for himself.

George Michaels dödsbud have the stories on the star’s commitment to philanthropy influenced the memory of him.

"He gave a stranger 283 000 sek when she cried over their liabilities. He asked the waitress to give her the cheque when he passed away," she writes.

And more stories testify on the star’s goodness in the form of spontandonationer.

, "George Michael was working anonymously at a shelter, where I also volontärarbetade. I have never told it, he asked us not to say anything. It was such he was," writes a Emilyne Mondo.

Donated money after the tv-program

Now also tells british tv host Richard Osman if a secret stordonation to a needy woman who competed in a morning television.

"A woman who competed in the 'Deal or no Deal', told us that she needed the 170 000 for ivf. George Michael called in secret the next day and gave her the money," he writes on Twitter.

When George Michael competed with Ronan Keating in a kändisversion of "Who wants to be a millionaire" for charity, he declared: "if I lose, I pay it myself," says the journalist Sali Hughes on Twitter.

He donated several tens of millions to the collection Childline, inter alia, by the proceeds from her song "Jesus to a child".

– Thanks to him, hundreds of thousands of children have received help, ” says fundraising co-founder Esther Rantzen.

in 2006, he performed for free for nurses in north London as a thank you for the care they gave his cancer victims mom, during her last years.

Fought for aids research

the Star also made more public välgörenhetsgester. He participated in Band Aid, which grossed over 220 million for the benefit of the afflicted by famine in 1984. His partner Anselmo Feleppa died of aids and was active in the Elton John foundation for the fight against the disease.

in Addition to it he gave the contribution to the Terrence Higgins-the fund’s work on hiv and aids and gave them the proceeds of their duettversion of "Don’t let the sun go down on me" with Elton John.

– His donations contributed to the vision of a world where people can live with hiv without facing prejudice and discrimination says Jane Byron in the fund to the ITV.


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