Saturday, December 31, 2016

Emma, 21, met Elijah Wood in Östersund, sweden – Aftonbladet

Would buying a new car – ran into the star

Emma Johansson, 21, was going to buy a new car and have a coffee.
Then appeared the Lord of the rings"star Elijah Wood up with the company of two women.
– I thought it was awesome that he was there, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.

when Emma Johansson, 21, was at Bilbolaget The cafe during Friday as she caught sight of "the Lord of the rings"-star Elijah Wood, 35,Containing the was the first to report on.
– I stood behind him in the queue to the cashier, she says to Nöjesbladet, and continues:
– I didn’t think it was him at first but it was awesome and unexpected.
Emma describes cafeét as very small. According to her, sat Elijah down, and ate. With him was two women.
– It was a companion to him. An elderly lady and a woman who looked to be in his age.

Asked for a picture with the child

Emma was in the café along with his partner and his son. She was there to buy a new car. Why star Elijah Wood was in Östersund is as yet unknown. Emma asked, not why he was there.
However, she asked him if he could keep her children so they could take a picture.
– We did not want to disturb so much. But I thought it was awesome that he was there so we went there and asked if he could set up. And it he could.

To chokladtoffée

this is not the first time Elijah Wood makes an unexpected visit in the north of sweden. During the Wednesday he came in the restaurant the Cock in Sundsvall. Where he had the company of a blonde woman, and to renentrecote and chokladtoffée. When restaurateur Alexander Krytus asked why he was there announced to Elijah that he was in transit and would further north.


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