Thursday, December 22, 2016

Blueslegenden Sven Zetterberg has gone away – financial times

the Artist was 64 years: "Were a source of inspiration”

last Sunday, died the musician and blueslegenden Sven Zetterberg.

– Sven was a great musician, singer, guitarist, and a charmer. It is very tragic that he is gone, ” says musikerkollegan Louise Hoffsten.

Sven Zetterberg broke through with the band, Telge Blues in the 1970s, and has since appeared in bands like Blues Rockers, the Four Roosters and the Chicago Express.

Sven Zetterberg, who on two occasions been nominated for a Grammy, was counted as one of the greatest in its genre, and was awarded, among others Cornelis Vreeswijk scholarship in 1989.

Louise Hoffsten, 51, has through the years played and performed with Sven Zetterberg, as she also got her first munspelslektion.

– He has always been a source of inspiration, and what has happened is tragic. This year is a diabolical year, there are so many great has passed away. Sven is a missing person and musician, ” says Louise Hoffsten.

Stood on stage last week

In August had Sven Zetterberg put his tour on hold after injuring his shoulder. He would point out the path of a lost tourist in Stockholm when he stepped wrong.

– the Risk is, of course, that I can not play guitar again, but then, I continue as a singer. I don’t want to give up the music, I can still write and do studiojobb, ” he said then.

Sven Zetterberg made a comeback in the autumn, and as late as last week, just a few days before his death, he completed his christmas. A couple of further plays were planned in January.

Music-Sweden mourn

In the social media grieving people to Sven Zetterberg, has passed away.

"Our greatest bluesman has died! It is so tragic", tweet a person if it happened.

"Sven Zetterberg has been hanging in the guitar. Rest in peace. The music lives on," writes another.


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