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Fogelström 100 year is celebrated with new book – Helsingborgs Dagblad

During the year of 2017 is the author and samhällsdebattören Per Anders Fogelström one of those who celebrated. “City of my dreams”-the author and Stockholmsskildraren would have turned 100 years old and attract the attention including a new book, a SVT-documentary and a theatrical performance.

Per Anders Fogelström 1997. In August 2017 he would have been 100 this year. Arkivbild.Image: Pawel Flato/TT

“The old scriptures, the clips and the pictures began to rustle and smell. There was a story that insisted on and that felt important to me…” so has the author Per Anders Fogelström wrote about why he started writing books that depicted the story. In the now classic romansviten City series write themselves Fogelström from 1860 to its contemporaries in 1968.

– It is about how to understand the way to the present. Fogelströms literature speaks to us in our time. In some ways it is the same problem then as now, but with other conditions. Fredsfrågan and religious affairs are always current. But also how people had it and what happened when they got the material better. They became happier? And we become happier of the 110 christmas gifts today? says Kent Josefsson, who is president of the literary society, Per Anders Fogelströms friends.

Fogelström is considered to be one of the main Stockholmsskildrarna and an important proletärförfattare that highlighted people on the fringes of society. City-the quintet, a family chronicle set in the Södermalm district, opened with “city of My dreams” (1960) and ended with the “City in the world” (1968). Among his other famous works are Children’s series that takes place before “city of My dreams” and “Summer with Monika” which later became both a success and a scandal when it was filmed by Ingmar Bergman. Also the “city of My dreams” has been adapted for the screen in the 70′s with Eddie Axberg in the lead role as Henning.

– part of the Fogelströms the greatness of his person. He was humble, empathetic and a good storyteller. And a great educator, which is read in all the camps. He wrote nice, simple and easy so that the people understood and were able to take it in, ” says Kent Josefsson.

now, 2017 is 100 years ago, Fogelström was born celebrated it in several different ways including through lectures, theatrical performances, walking tours, and school projects. In addition to the city Museum in Stockholm and Fogelströmsällskapet are also several libraries involved. And in the February plan the SVT to show a K-specialdokumentär if Fogelström.

Teater Reflex in the stockholm suburb of Kärrtorp has previously played the “city of My dreams”, freely interpreted after Fogelströms novel. With the 100-year anniversary, they are now planning to put up a Fogelströmföreställning again. “Transformed city” is a theatre project based on the Fogelströms Stockholmsskildringar with the parallels between the past and today. It is about the fight for survival, human dignity, oppression and solidarity. The ensemble will consist of over 100 people from different parts of the world, and the show, which premiered in september, features music, song and dance.

In march they are also one of the Fogelströms previously unpublished books. “The irrepressible freedom” is an anti-nazi youth novel from 1939, whose screenplay archives and was never published, but which will now be allowed to meet the readers.

Fogelström died in 1998 from complications of a stroke he suffered in 1995. The last years of his life he wrote a novel about the Östermalm district, which, however, was never completed.

the Facts: Fogelström

Per Anders Fogelström was born 22 August 1917, in Stockholm, died 20 June 1998.

He was a writer, journalist and social commentator and romandebuterade 1949 with the “one day wake up.” His debutbok was the poetry collection “Orons greedy hands” (1947).

Fogelström was productive and gave out over 50 works, mostly fiction but also non-fiction, discussion papers and Stockholmsskrifter. Among his most famous works is “the city of My dreams” (1960) and “Summer with Monika” (1951), which later was made into a film by Ingmar Bergman with Harriet Andersson and Lars Ekborg in the lead roles.

Fogelström had many strings to his bow. In addition to his writing, he was also the youth leaders, active social commentator and outspoken antinazist and a pacifist. During the 14 years he was chairman of the Swedish peace and arbitration society. He was deeply involved in the history of Stockholm and did extensive research for the books he wrote about the capital.

Fact: during the Jubilee year, 2017

It is 200 years since the british author Jane Austen died. She was born in 1775 in Hampshire and died in 1817. “Sense and sensibility”, “Pride and prejudice”, “Mansfield Park” and “Emma” is her most famous novels. Several of her works have been adapted for the screen for the cinema and tv. In the home Hampshire attention she with exhibitions, lectures, hikes and skrivtävlingar.

The irish author and satirist Jonathan Swift was born 350 years ago, in 1667, in Dublin. His most famous work is “Gulliver’s travels” (1726) is a satire on the social conditions and the human stupidity. 1729 came his famous “A modest proposal” who criticised irish politics and where he satirical suggested that the poor irish should sell their children as food.

the cullberg ballet celebrates 50 years. The department for contemporary dance was founded by Birgit Cullberg in 1967 and is a part of Riksteatern. The company has become known on the international dance scene and today has 16 dancers from several different countries. The anniversary is celebrated with two of the company’s most important works: “Eurydice is dead” by Birgit Cullberg 1968) and “the Protagonist” by Jefta van Dinther, which has its Premiere in sweden in november.

Uppsala, sweden–the poet Anna Maria Lenngren died for 200 years ago. The newly formed Lenngrensällskapet and the research group Performing Premodernity at the university of Stockholm are planning to pay attention to her authorship 8-10 march through an academic conference, a memorial ceremony with the reading of the Lenngrens poems and a performance of her operaöversättning “Lucile” from 1776. There are also plans for an exhibition and the republication of her poems.


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