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Sanna’s Nielsen’s big miss in the tv – Expressen

This concerns the SVT’s julvärd Sanna Nielsen together in jultalet to the viewers.

She claims that Arne Weise has been julvärd in 36 years – but it is only 27 years. And Bengt Feldreich in 22 years, when in fact, it is 13 years old.

the 22-time had she noticed the error and made a correction.

– So, now, everything turned out right, she said with a smile.

Mathematics in the live broadcast is not the easiest. It was SVT’s julvärd Sanna Nielsen experience when she just before the 15-time on christmas eve, pulled in once the channel julsändningar.

Sitting at a grand piano, she began her speech to the viewers to talk about traditions and how SVT has maintained its own tradition of having a julvärd. SVT has been in existence for 60 years, and in 57 of these, there has been a julvärd, she stated.

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” I am the 16th in the order she said, before she concluded:

– The very first julvärlden was Bengt Feldreich. He wished viewers a “merry christmas” for the first time in 1959, and then fotsatte he with it in 22 years.

She continued:

– But it beats not really Arne Weise who lit the candle 36 times. But Bengt he was the first.

But this is wrong.

Bengt Feldreich was julvärd between 1959 and 1971, therefore, 13 times, and Arne Weise was julvärd 1972 to 1978, from 1980 to 1987 and from 1991 to 2002, a total of 27 times.

In some lists is that Arne Weise was julvärd 1972 to 2002, but during four of these years were missing julvärd in the SVT.

Since 2003, the SVT changed julvärd each year.

Among the latter julvärdarna noticeable Lotta Bromé, Ernst Kirchsteiger, and Ingvar Oldsberg.

in recent years it has also been very evenly between the sexes.

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How it could be wrong in mathematics for Sanna Nielsen is not known. She has previously said that she felt a little “nervous” before the julvärdsuppdraget.

” But it is clear that it tingles a little in the stomach, anticipation. I look so much forward to this. I will surely be nervous on the spot, but at the same time, it is I who sits there with a camera, but lots of people in the room. I’ll try to take it easy and have fun and not be stressed out, ” she has said.

the 22-time Sanna Nielsen out with a corrigendum and corrected the incorrect information.

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