Wednesday, December 14, 2016

So good is the new “Star Wars”-the movie – Göteborgs-Posten

movie reviews the New “Star Wars” are both rough, violent and really not child safe, writes GP’s Mats Johnson.

Disney bought Lucasfilm and thus Star Wars-the rights of four billion dollars (that is billion and not million). The money that you want back quickly as the eye. With the theme parks that are included in the Disney World concept, with Star Wars-related products and, of course, with the new movies. The question is how many? A year? Three? Where is the limit?

No megastars

The Force awakens (2015) was was really good was to a large extent, that Harrison Ford did the fantastic Han Solo-comeback. In the Rogue One, there are no megastars in the lead roles. The heroine Jyn Erso played by Felicity Jones, the hero of the ^ w. coster, baptism is played by Diego Luna and the voice of the droiden/robot K-2 made by Alan Tudyk. Tudyk is the film’s great benefit, and is responsible for the much-needed humor. He has a perfect comic timing in the replicas all the way.

Much of the movie is entirely new, but a lot feels familiar. The last 45 minutes that reminds remarkably a lot, in terms of both action and stage solutions, if the final of the forty year old star wars.

When it comes to chronology, it becomes a tad messy. The Rogue One is not the continuation of The Force awakens but a so-called spin-off, a prequel to star wars. Type.

Not child safe

either way. The rebels have got wind of the empire and the emperor soon finished building a weapons of mass destruction known as the death star. Rebellplanen is to get hold of vapenritningarna.

For this, on paper, the impossible project do you need help from the young Jyn. She is the daughter of Mad Erso (even an international role for Mads Mikkelsen), who is the chief engineer behind the gun, but that might not be completely evil anyway?

After a literally dark prologue draws the film itself in time. That turns out to be rough and violent, and in the first instance, a war movie, certainly not family-safe.

May wait for the Vader

Otherwise we will have to wait and wait for the Darth Vader will make an entrance, but it is perfectly in order. More importantly is that we will have to wait on the John Williams film score. I mean, has the director Gareth Edwards is access to one of the world’s best, and most famous, musical leitmotif, he shall surely make use of it directly. In order to raise the atmosphere in the salon. To get Star Wars fans to add the popcorn to the side and applaud.


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