Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Alex and Anna won the ”Paradise Hotel 2016” – Aftonbladet

Alex: "I had to run duplicity"

A drove duplicity. One came in as the joker.

In the evening won the Anna Bohman, 24, and Alex D'Rosso, 25, "Paradise Hotel 2016" after a tokjämn finalrysare.

– It is probably the biggest I have managed, ” says Alex.

They formed the couple just days before the finals. Then combed Anna Bohman and Alex D'Rosso home the entire season of "Paradise Hotel".

In the evening came, the pair won the TV3′s skandalsåpa.

– In a way, it has still not sunk in. It feels so nice to be able to start dropping a bit on all hemlisar they have kept on for so long, ” says Anna.

– It feels wow. It is probably the biggest I have managed, ” says Alex.

the Final was a real thriller. Alex and Anna got a measly vote more than the competitors Hampus Marcussen, 23,Felicia Faridi, 20.

finally settled Matilda Lindgren, 22, the participants who Alex had previously sent out, toppstriden.

– Then it was hell nervous. I did not know. I thought I had eye contact with her several times, and I had a good feeling. It seemed reasonable that she would go to the us, but at the same time, just because Alex did so against the so had been able to put us in the shit, ” says Anna.

"you Throw the ball hugger I am you"

– I will remember that I took Anna’s hand, says Alex.

the Pair share a prize fund of half a million dollars. It was obvious to both that neither of them would throw the ball and make the second left out in the cold.

– When Anna chose me in front of Sebbe, I felt that she had full confidence in me. I will not fuck anything. I will remember that she was nervous…she said: if you throw the ball so I will cut you, ” says Alex.

– It seemed the most fair. We had won the finals together. Had Alex or I were there with someone else when it is not sure that it had stopped in the same way, ” says Anna.

"Hung never any"

While Anna believes that the fact that she kept a low profile socially helped her to win, says Alex to his tactical game gave him the victory.

– I did run a double game and work my way forward. But in the end one must still be well-liked for the people to vote on one. I don’t think I said anything bad about anyone during the whole time I didn’t think ill of anyone. Sometimes I got irritated but I was never out someone. I think many took out their aggression and, therefore, they became less popular, he says.

– Just because I haven’t said so much so people thought that I have not heard so much as they sat and shared with him. I saw and heard everything, ” says Anna.

How will you celebrate the victory?

– We’ll eat dinner out and celebrate. I am skitpepp. It feels like it is our last night, ” says Anna.


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