Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gunfire at a concert in Connecticut – Aftonbladet

Two people have been killed after shooting – gunman on the loose

Several people are reported to have been shot in connection with a concert in the town of Wallingford on the u.s. east coast, and, according to local police, two people were killed.

the Shooting to have occurred in connection with a brawl, according to BNO News.

It was just before midnight, local time, the police was alerted to a concert venue in Wallingford, Connecticut.

, Which had the rapper Meek Mill just finished a gig. At the entrance should a fight have broken out. In connection with the have a shot shooting, and two people have died and at least two wounded, according to local media.

Suspected gunman is still on the loose

Police confirmed to BNO News that two of those shot has died and two people should be brought to the hospital, but none of the injuries should have a few livshotade damage, reports the newspaper The Record-Journal. The police choose to not go out with any information about the victims, but according to local media is not believed to Meek Mills to be one of those who were injured in the shooting.

Not arrested

A large police and räddningspådrag has been sent to the scene, police officers from several different departments shall be on site at the venue. The suspected offender are reported to still be on the loose.

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