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“Rogue One” a mellanfilm in the Star Wars saga – the Swedish Radio

Title: “Rogue One – A Star Wars Story”
Director: Gareth Edwards (“Godzilla”, “Monsters”)
Actor: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Mads Mikkelsen
Genre: Science fiction / Fantasy
Score: 3 of 5

– the “Rogue One” is the first in a planned series of standalone movies set in the Star Wars universe, and perhaps also a way to keep the brand alive in anticipation of the sequel to last year’s “The Force Awakens”. And in the “Rogue One”, we jump back in time again, it depicts the run-up to the events of the very first Star Wars movie ever, “A New Hope” from 1977. Now we’ll find out how it was when the rebels got access to the drawings to massförstörelsevapnet the death star. It turns out to be a dramatic story where we get to follow a daughter’s struggle to rescue his captured father.

How is it to go back in time in the Star Wars universe again, now that we had last year finally got a continuation of the adventure?

” Yes, a little odd it feels, but thanks to the “Rogue One” is a brand new set of characters drawn pretty quickly in the adventure. But most importantly, perhaps, the film is as a way to expand the Star Wars universe. We get to visit new planets, and see the other point of view on the rebel struggle and the empire’s atrocities. However, feel the aesthetics again, because you returned to the first Star Wars film formvärld. It becomes at times a kind of dubbelretro when they tried to recreate the seventies vision of the space age aesthetics.

this is also one of the Star Wars first fully implemented mångfaldssatsning, I’ve really tried to get to a much more mixed ensemble than you managed before. And just like in the last movie so is the hero a woman, even if the main character Jyn Erso still stand by when almost all the others in the movie are men…

the Director, Gareth Edwards, who previously directed “Godzilla”, has said in interviews that he wanted to make a little rougher war movie of the Star Wars concept. Has he succeeded?

” this is definitely a darker film than the previous, a little rougher and not quite as barntillvänd. The good is not quite as noble as they tend to be and it also feels as if the Empire’s oppression is a little more significantly than in the past. And the violence also feels a bit more realistically portrayed.

A concrete example of the difference in feeling can be year robothjälte. In the last movie, “The Force Awakens”, as introduced to the the covered the robot BB-8, the one that looked much like two billiard balls at each other and seemed to be made for julklappshandeln. “Rogue One”:p robotstjärna is the K-2SO, a omprogrammerad imperierobot who now works for the rebels. A little feel tired of life, the crass, cynical and a little too outspoken android. Cute missing altogether.

I was also even more a sense of the terrible consequences of this megavapnet, the death star. Yes, the fact is that the “Rogue One” gave me a bit of a relapse of the seventies and åttiotalens atombombsångest.

And if you compare with the concept last film “A Force Awakens”, how well do the “Rogue One”? Keep the same quality?

” I really like the approach to do something a little darker, but it is rougher and weaker. I miss that feeling of grandeur as Star Wars tends to bring out in their best moments. And if the last film was full of nostalgic winks to the past, so it is not until right at the end of the “Rogue One” as it gets its fix on the front.

It is simply a little pale sequel, which has a distinct character of mellanfilm. It feels as if one had the ambition to make a vuxenvariant of Star Wars, but not really dared.


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