Thursday, December 22, 2016

Googoosh! P1 Culture on a Sverigeaktuell Persian popdiva – Sveriges Radio

Googoosh was born in 1950, and was as a 3 year old to an acclaimed barnstjärna that both singing and acting.

With his short hair and miniskirts, she became a Twiggy-like style icon of the Iranian teenagers, but after the 1979 islamic revolution föbjöds both pop music and women from the to perform.

But unlike many other iranians went Googoosh is not in exile, but stannde remain in the country, but to devote himself to his profession.

for over 20 years she was silent, before she went abroad, and made a comeback. Eventually settled herself in the luxurious Bel Air.

What is it that makes her so great and what it is in her music that captivates generation after generation?

P1 Culture presenter Mona Masri is joined in the studio by Tina Mehrafzoon, music journalist at Musikguiden I P3, and Bahareh Razek Ahmade, actors and musicians.

in Addition, our reporter Anna Tullberg met the author and poet Abbas Hazheer in Vällingby, who wrote a song for Googoosh’s latest album.


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