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The grandson responds Åkesson: Astrid is not romantic nationalism – Göteborgs-Posten

Astrid Lindgren in may 1976 in Stockholm, sweden. Arkivbild. Image: Bertil Ericson, TT,

Sweden Astrid Lindgren’s granddaughter reacts strongly on to the SD leader highlighted her as his source of inspiration. “No, Jimmie Åkesson, Astrid Lindgren was not a national romantic writers,” writes Olle Nyman.

the sweden democrats ‘ party leader, says in an interview with Expressen, the Astrid Lindgren describes in his books is “fantastic”. He adds that he can be inspired by “other types of romantic stories from Evert Taube, and like that”.

this is The wording that Olle Nyman – Lindgren’s grandson and president of Saltkråkan AB – are opposed. He writes in a debate article in Expressen that Astrid Lindgren was a humanist, “neither nationalist or romantic”.

“We who knew her can say that she had been very sorrowful over a political discussion that pits people against people, who divide humanity into us and them,” he writes.

Åkesson says that he can think of to give a Astrid Lindgren-book to prime minister Stefan Löfven.

- I think he need to come back a little bit to the Swedish welfare state Sweden and what good there was in the past, and realize what damage his predecessor has made.

Olle Nyman writes that Astrid Lindgren was “a modern man” and that she did not hänföll to the “simple, nostalgic and sentimental images of a happy past in which the stuff what simple”.

Facts: Letter from Lindgren

So here, wrote by Astrid Lindgren in a letter in 1957 to a German friend:

“…I dislike all indelande of the people after the nations and races, all kind of discrimination between white and black, between aryans and jews, between the turks and the swedes, between men and women. Anyway since I was so big that I could start to think independently, I have disliked the blue and yellow patriotic great Swedish, all that stuff about ‘will any of our scales for the near, then becoming dense in Svitiod’, it seems to me equally despicable as Hitler’s nationalism. No patriot, I have never been. We are all human beings, it has been my special pathos in this life”

Source: Olle Nyman, op-ed in Expressen.


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