Friday, December 23, 2016

The kids take over in the “Bamse” – Sydsvenskan

the Villain Croesus Vole, to the left, pops up in the other Bamsefilmen from Malmöbolaget Sluggerfilm. To the left of Promise and her mother, who is a witch.Image: Nordisk film

the CINEMA. ANIMATED FAMILY FILM. Sweden, 2016. Director: Christian Ryltenius and Maria Blom. Voices: Peter Haber, Morgan Alling, Steve Kratz, Laura Jonstoij Berg, Tea Stjärne, Jonas Karlsson. Child safe. Length: 1.05.

it would be another film about the world’s strongest and kindest bear, Bamse, after the success of "Bamse och tjuvstaden" two years ago, is obvious. Rune Andréassons popular cartoon character, was first published in the Swedish magazine fifty years ago. Today is the bear with the magic dunderhonungen and his friends Lille Skutt and Skalman used to be an institution in american children’s culture.

In the new film, with the script of Ida Kjellin and Sofie Forsman, moved focus to a large extent, from the Ballads to the children in the village. One day pops the new girl Promise back in school and want to participate in instruction but she yearns above all for mates to play with. Promise lives with her mother, the witch, deep in the dark forest. At the same time, has the miser Croesus Vole discovery of gold in the bävrarnas dust and conspire to blow up the dam with all what it means of the flood in the village.

It gets exciting and adventurous when Croesus takes the help of the Blessed mother, who with her witchcraft to influence events, but where the children’s ingenuity and sense of solidarity wins victories. Bamse eats, of course, of dunderhonungen and all ends well. Strange it would be otherwise in this just animated world, where it is not given much space for problematisation.

As in the last the film is malmö-based Sluggerfilm in the design and production. It is well-made, recognizable and professional. Great care has also gone into the röstregin, Maria Blom is responsible for. Jonas Karlsson is new in the gang and give with authority the voice of Croesus Vole. At least so long as he sees himself as the winner. Also Promise (Laura Jonstoij Berg) and Nalle-Maja (Tea Manual), do the animation vibrant with their emotive games.

"Bamse and the witch’s daughter" has a chance to become one of the most enjoyable family attractions.

“Bamse and the witch’s daughter” opens nationwide on christmas day.


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