Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Can rename the series to ”Farmer looking for a farmer” – Aftonbladet

Participants in the "Farmer seeks wife" in 2016.Photo: TV4

"Farmer seeks wife" is over for this time.

After a season in which the production management has been even more visible than usual.

And this with the farmers fall for each other starts to become a habit.

Yes, I know, it was just "a passionate night" and what exactly happened that night between hästbonden Sigrid and grisbonden Erik know only themselves. Perhaps touched each other physically, perhaps touched each other spiritually, or both.

What is important is that they released it and went on.

unlike TV4. "Farmer looking for wife"-the production saw a cash cow and milked it until only skin and bones remained. The poor farmers were subjected to countless emotional conversation with Linda Lindorff and was forced – in a final attempt to create drama – go on a group trip to Malta together. Also, bondekollegan Jennifer to the moral compass. During the contrived staged phone call, farm visit, and the beaches she tried to get Erik to tell their beundrarinnor about his "slip" with Sigrid.

The only thing that came out of the debacle with dignity intact was Sigrid and Erik themselves.

And they are not alone to behave "insubordinate" in TV4:s dejtingsåpa. In 2012 it was köttbonden André Farmstead and hästbonden Marie-Louise Rungegårds turn to find the love of tv. But they only managed to show up in the program. After an information meeting for all the farmers, they fell in instead of each other. The joke is on the "Farmer looking for wife’.

Of course it places to it, when the farmers do not allow themselves to be led in TV4′s tight rein, but are beginning to think and feel all on their own.

A solution to it is to go back to the origins and entirely bet on curt, kufiga, socially challenged farmers that would never occur to them to send home all their suitors. Or take advantage of the fact that farmers apparently often take a liking to each other and rename the series to "Farmer looking for farmer."


So it was the late "Farmer seeks wife" 2016


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