Thursday, December 15, 2016

Music Zara Larsson nominated to the Government’s musikexportpris – Göteborgs-Posten

album of the Year: Little Jinder: Everything sucks, Kent: Then as now, for always, Frida Hyvönen: Women and children, Silvana Imam: the forces of nature, Cherrie: Sherihan.

artist of the Year: Freddie Wadling, Kent, Tove Lo, Yung Lean, and Zara Larsson.

newcomer of the Year: Albin Lee Meldau, Ana Diaz, Mike Perry, Sammy & Johnny Bennett, charlie brings.

The song: Frans: If I were sorry, Galantis: No money, Håkan Hellström: Your time will come, Laleh: Just get the va myself, Mike Perry featuring Shy Martin: The ocean, Miriam Bryant: the Black car, Peg Parnevik: Ain’t no saint, Samir & Viktor: Swim naked, Vigiland: Pong dance, Zara Larsson: Ain’t my fault.

The pop: New: Crystals”, Niki & The Dove: Everybody’s heart is broken now, Sabina Ddumba: Homeward bound, The Radio Dept: Running out of love”, Tove Lo: the Lady of the wood.

The rock: Bob the Dog: the Deadly classic, Hurula: Weapons to those hopeless, Jill Johnson: For you I’ll wait, Kent: Then as now, for always, Viagra Boys: Consistency of energy, call the wind.

The hip hop/soul: Cherrie: Sherihan, Erik Lundin: Welcome home, Parham: at Home here,” Silvana Imam: the forces of nature, Zacke: Fattigkussen.

The hard rock/metal: Amaranthe: Maximalism, Cult of Luna: the Mariner, Dark Tranquillity: Atoma, Ghost: Popestar, In Flames: Battles.

The electro/dance: Dan Lissvik: Midnight, Dorisburg: – o ‘ – lantern, Galantis: Love on me/No money, Joy: Not good but God, Kornél Kovács: The bells.

The band: Benny Andersson’s Orchestra: My heart leaps for you, Blender: Angel without wings, Casanova: Come and sing alleluia, Donnez: Many long miles, Sannex: Your side of the bed.

The jazz Isabella Lundgren: Where is home, Jari Haapalainen Trio: Fusion machine, Lina Nyberg: Aerials, Oddjob: Oddjob plays Weather Report, Tonbruket: Forevergreens.

The folk/singer-songwriter: Freddie Wadling: After the rain, Groupa: Kind of folk vol. 1: Sweden, Lena Willemark: Blåferdi, Pernilla Andersson: Tiggrinnan, Peter LeMarc: The thin thread.

The classic: Bengt Forsberg: Neglected works for the piano, Cecilia Zilliacus/Lena Willemark: Dance, Royal Swedish Orchestra & Lawrence rene’s: Franz Schreker – orchestral music from the opera, Maytan/Klingberg/Lysell/Wijk/Hso/Stoehr: Amanda Maier: Violin concerto/Piano quartet/Tunes, Västerås Sinfonietta/Hso/Fredrik Burstedt: Mats Larsson Gothe: Symphony No. 2

Year barnalbum: Emma Nordenstam: Emma Nordenstams best barnlåtar, Gåspennan: Gåspennan, Per Egland & Sexårskören: the Hunt for färgpiraterna, Jojje Wadenius: Jojjes classic children’s songs, Life in the mattelandet: Life in the mattelandet.

The composer: Ana Diaz, Frida Hyvönen, Laleh Pourkarim, Max Martin, Niki & The Dove.

The pianist Erik Lundin: Welcome home, Frida Hyvönen: Women and children, Joakim Berg: Then as now, for always, Josefine Jinder: Everything sucks, Zackarias Zacke Lekberg: Fattigkussen.

Year producer: Amr Badr/Leslie Tay, Carl-Mikael GOD Berlander, Laleh Pourkarim, Ludwig Göransson, Niki & The Dove.

The music video: Adam Berg (Kent: Then as now, for always), Filip Nilsson (Amazon: I want to know what love is), Johan Renck (David Bowie: Lazarus), Måns Nyman (Moderate: Eating hooks), Robinovich (Elias: Down n out).


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