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Carrie Fisher’s hilarious requirements to take a selfie – the Express newspaper

Here is the picture of Carrie Fisher that may all remember her great sense of humor.

Star wars-the icon met a fan who wanted to take a selfie with her. Then, she set a requirement to take the picture:

"Tell everyone that we’re dating."

Carrie Fisher was 60 years old. She died from complications of a heart attack as she got on board on a flight between London and Los Angeles. The actor got his big international breakthrough in 1977 as Princess Leia – and it is also the role that she had come to be associated with the very most.

But her career revolved largely around the sense of humor. She has appeared in several comedies, and played against Chevy Chase, 73, and Dan Aykroyd, 64.

Carrie Fisher has also had a successful career as a writer and has, through the autobiographical book "Wishful drinking" got the fans laughing. She joked in the book about what she was hoping that her obituary would consist of:

"I want it says that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra."

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Humor was a constant feature in Carrie Fisher’s life – so even in the meetings with the fans. Corey Vidal, canadian vlogger, and huge Star Wars fan, met Fisher during the galapremiären of "Star Wars: The Force awakens" and had to take a selfie with the star – just days before her death.

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Corey Vidal has put up the photograph on his Facebook and talks about Carrie Fisher’s requirements in order to set it up in a selfie with him. According to Vidal, so shall the Star Wars icon said that he need to tell everyone that he is dating her.

"I asked if she wanted to take a selfie with me and she replied: "Only if you promise to tell everyone that we’re dating.", writes Vidal.

the Picture, and Carrie Fisher’s requirements have been thousands of fans to laugh despite the grief after Fisher.

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