Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sanna Nielsen if näthatet for christmas – Expressen

It took only a few just a few hours.

After that the SVT presented this year julvärd – Sanna Nielsen – came the nasty comments as a letter in the mail.

Now, tell the singer about how she handles criticism.

“I chose to speak up,” she writes in an email to Expressen.

It was in november that the SVT its new julvärd – Sanna Nielsen, 32. For the singer it was a glädjebesked that was marred by viciousness.

Shortly after the news became public, it was criticised Sanna Nielsen for his appearance and his clothing.

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As a public person is Sanna Nielsen used to people like airing their private opinions on her. But this time, it became too much.

Sanna Nielsen, just in time for the christmas eve have a cold, need to save on the voice and tells the why of how she looks at the criticism in an email.

“I’m really quite accustomed to people will feel and think all the time and I have learned not to take for me, but just with the thing so I chose to speak up and the most amazing thing was how much love it was spread instead. It is what I take with me to the event,” she writes in the email.

Among other things, it was Sanna Nielsen’s clothes that caused people to see red. She has, however, hard to see why people reacted so strongly.

“Yes, I can’t answer for I don’t know,” she writes.

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do you Feel that you are more exposed for the nasty comments now, when you are julvärd?

“No, I think not. I have worked a lot over the years and seen a lot in the box and in the media and it is natural that it should seem and be thought all the time, but as long as I know who I am and what I believe in, it feels good.”

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In a post on Facebook, Sanna Nielsen previously was påhoppen on her at the bullying.

“That I’m even writing this is really sad. That I take unto me of this and choose to write this is probably wrong. I ought not to bother me. But I do. Not just for my sake, but for that I once again have proven to me that the offensive comments and bullying is something that may take more place in our society for they believe they have a right to say what you think”, she wrote, among other things.


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