Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Felicity Jones is the “Star wars” a new star.

a few days, most will know who this woman is. Felicity Jones plays the lead role in the new “Star wars”movie, the “Rogue one”, a role that will make her megakändis.

In the “Rogue one: A star wars story,” playing Felicity Jones the småkriminella Jyn Erso, which may in the mission to steal the blueprints to the death star. Press image.Image: Lucasfilm/AP/TT

Her name is relatively unknown, but Felicity Jones is absolutely not a newcomer in the industry. At the age of 33, she has already 20 years in the profession behind them – and do not be afraid of the publicity.

“I think I’m prepared for what this film will bring,” she says to TT.

“Rogue one” takes place between part three and part four in the “Star wars”series. Felicity Jones plays Jyn Erso, a woman who is in prison but offered her freedom if she helps the rebels to steal the blueprints to the death star, the weapon the empire is constructing. The weapon is designed by Jyns dad (Mads Mikkelsen), who she has not seen since she was a small child. Intrigue and fight scenes, resulting in what is so far the darkest of all the “Star wars”movies.

” I saw it first when I was little and I played “Star wars” with my siblings and my friends. We pretended that we had the light saber and fajtades with them.

We have previously seen Felicity Jones in, inter alia, “The theory of everything” (which earned her an oscar Nomination) and now in the summer against Tom Hanks in “Inferno”. She has never done action scenes such as those in the “Rogue one”, but she loved to do it.

” I trained a lot before the recording. But it was important that it would look genuine and authentic, that when she gets hit, then it should look as if it really hurts.

If you’re in a movie as a “Rogue one”, it is inevitable that you will also figure that actiondocka. Has Felicity had time to see their own yet?

” Yes.” I showed it to my mom and she does not think that it somehow looks like me, ” she says with a laugh.

She want to continue her career with the wind small movies with bestsellers like “the Inferno” and “Rogue one”.

” what is It that makes their careers exciting.

Director Gareth Edwards, has done in the past including “Godzilla”, heaping is not unexpected praise on co-star.

” She is a rather small woman, so it was exciting to see how she was transformed when she became Jyn Erso. It was like two completely different people.

Even if Edwards would like to make more “Star wars”, he knows that it will not be so.

– Now, I have done my, now I am handing over to others.

he Knows what will happen in the future, in part eight, which will about a year, and in the Han Solo movie that comes in two years?

” well, I’ve heard a bit when people talked with each other. But I can of course not say anything.

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