Sunday, December 25, 2016

Petra Mede: Away with the grant – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Nöjestelegram the Comedian and tv host Petra Mede thinks that the state should pull in all the grant funds to the culture – if it would mean that disabled people could could get enough care.

” she says in SVT’s interview programmes "My truth" which is broadcast in the evening. Mede makes the move when she is talking about the dismantling of the LSS, the act concerning support and service for disabled. In the program tells the Mede about periods when she has been sick and in a wheelchair for his back problems, and she is highly critical of the cuts. When the interviewer Anna Hedenmo ask about the cost draws Of a comparison with the grant.

— At one point it would be drawn down on any grant joined the royal Dramatic theatre’s actors dressed in black in a procession and shouted that "without culture, so dies society". No, it is not. Sweden die without a professional doctor and really good fucking personal assistants, ” she says, and adds:

— If it would be so on edge, so away with all grant and all the other things that we can fix ourselves. But when a person without any kind of his own fault has fallen into a position due to illness or congenital disability, it is the last thing I think we should draw into.


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