Friday, December 23, 2016

Manchester by the Sea – a lesson in grief – the Swedish Radio

Movie title: Manchester by the Sea
Director: Kenneth Lonergan
Actor: Casey Afflek, Michelle Williams, Ben O’brien.
Genre: Drama
Score: 4 of 5

“this is a story about sorgebearbetning. Or the lack of it. And if the debt.”

Lee is working as an usher in Boston. He cleans up the sewage with acid tenants, living in the house källarlägenhet and like beer. And we understand soon, when he stands and scots, as well as some frantically and aggressively, that all do not really is as it should be.

So, he receives a phone call where in snödrivan. From home. Sad news. His brother is in the hospital and Lee must return to the place he once left. Manchester.

Lee’s brother die and the custody for the son accrues to the Lee. The nephew is a lovely 16-year-old guy who likes hockey, plays in bands and has two girlfriends.

Soon as the damned want Lee to leave Manchester, but his new family is resent.

But this film is not only on a new form, and forced the father and son relationship. This is a story about sorgebearbetning. Or the lack of it. And if the debt.

when Lee is in Manchester so we understand that something terrible has happened there. Something terrible and difficult to understand.

for once, so it sometimes works a bit too overusing the grip with the recaps.

“Every ickehandlig pain.”

We put a jigsaw puzzle and start with the help of smart imaging solutions to understand what each sip of beer Lee takes, cum in mouth down.

There has happened something terrible that you cannot tell me in a review, it would destroy everything for you – but it is what makes the movie. And do we understand it in the beginning, right tråkige, stunned Lee.

This is nicely directed. the Subtext almost yells through the mundane dialogue. Each ickehandlig pain. As a unselected hug or tear. For Lee don’t cry. Every time he does not do it. Hulkar I than more. And want to to last almost ask him to “stop obama and start to cry”.


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