Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Reality-profile murdered – was struck in the head with a hammer – Aftonbladet

Competed for plastic surgery – can have been murdered by jealous lovers

the Woman took part in the renowned reality series where she competed for plastic surgery – should now have been murdered by the student.

At the weekend found the last american dokusåpadeltagaren Lisa Marie Naegle, 36, died in Los Angeles.

According to sources for TMZ she should have been beaten seven times in the head with a hammer.

Cheating with student

Lisa Marie Naegle reported to have been on the way home to her husband, when she met a nursing student, that she had an affair with. Naegle said that she wanted to end the relationship with the student, which caused the latter to lose his composure.

After murdering Naegle, the student shall have taken the body home to bury it.

the Couple first visited the bar, before they went on to a hamburger chain. The student claimed he left the bar without Naegle, but after the pair was caught in a övervakningsfilm he has now admitted the murder.

Competed to get plastikopera

Lisa Marie Naegle made himself known to american tv audiences when she participated in the famous reality series "Bridalplasty" from 2011. In the series, competed in twelve women of the perfect wedding, and drömplastikoperationerna. For each of the contest participants won, they got to make a new skönhetsingrepp the pre-desired.


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