Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Håkan Hellström is our deputy arenastjärna – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Håkan Hellström incited the masses when he on Wednesday ended the tour with a gig in Malmö arena.Image: Patrick Persson

the CONCERT · ROCK. Malmö arena 21/12.

Punk declared: Everyone can play!

The realization has Håkan Hellström now taken to the extreme and logical end point, With the autumn tour, which on Wednesday ended in Malmö, he has shown something much bigger: Anyone can become arenastjärna!

It only applies to enough people decide for one and the same thing. Then it will go off.

Arenas through the years been used for everything possible: Galiatorspel. Bullfighting. Football. Horse racing. Partidagar. Håkan Hellström? His show is more like a revival meeting took place, where a pretty but not overly charismatic arbetarklasshjälte the fires of the masses to ecstasy and massive sing-along. He is fullblodsromantiker that has just all the blood groups in the veins and a mission to get it to circulate through the entire audience.

But he has more than that. He has a gigantic Springsteenkomplex. He has a great and talented band but the album is the twelve people on stage – as spurs and relieve the pressure on him. He has a thorough bildshow who plays behind him; sometimes illustrating the songs, sometimes mytologiserar the artist. And sometimes it shows the pictures of Zlatan and a Turning Torso. Though it is probably only in Malmö.

the Gestures, the expressions and the ideas are usually the us, even if they sometimes filtered through U2, or Dexy’s Midnight Runners. It is fully set and sometimes full blow, when Annika Granlund and conductor Stefan Sporsén put the trumpets to your lips and makes the saxophone player Nils Berg company. The mountain is a cliff and a real musician, who finds a gap in the music where it is possible to play with the both of genius and taste.

But the show’s Clarence Clemons is not the saxophone, it is LaGaylia Frazier, who scored a special position in front of the other körkvinnorna – a couple of metres, approximately, when she does not Hellström company out on the catwalk. Like Clemons, she has a big pipe, and just as he was, she shouts the most. She becomes a caricature of the soul and soulful rock. But to her defense: she must take in order to make itself heard. It includes very secure in the job description that she should take in from the toes and that she should not let a sydstatskliché lie fallow.

whole make hellström’s band, E Street-the strutt with a little more class than The orchestras, but most of it happens on stage remains still an imitation of something that at least I have been tricked to believe is more authentic. Which is problematic, because making speeches where the emotions did not feel authentic and where manéren seem rehearsed is bad making speeches. It will be american showbiz in the andrahandssortering.

And it doesn’t help that several songs sound as if Hellström wrote them in English and then translated word-for-word – pressed in the words, in the best case, the spot and get a rhythm where they both sångbara and understandable.

influences is primarily that of the anglo-saxon is not löpsidesstoff, and it is not the whole truth. There are also find any Swedish of the Year. Sure, you feel again a bit of Hans Alfredson figure Pastor Jansson when he after a few extra – and helbrägdanummer compare life with an old car: “Sometimes it goes through the boring parties /,,,/ but be not afraid, for it is just a drive”.

That’s life, as in a small bag.

The bag is Håkan hellström’s show is more mixed than perhaps it appeared. Some are good at really. “You are soon there” is a beautiful little soulballad with Bowievibbar that evolves into something relating to the sentimental – in the best sense of the word – in the interaction with Amanda Bergman, who enters the stage for several of the encore. Here we are far from the skolkorridorsmässiga valentine’s day cards (“I, without you,” Among the ösigare songs works “Faith and doubt” better than the other. And in “Love is a letter sent a thousand times” do guitarist Mattias Hellberg the good work.

But I wonder the point to be so obvious plank Curtis Mayfields “People get ready”. I’m not upset, I just think that the majority of these låtlån is pointless. I understand, of course, the value in that Håkan Hellström will take up their mother who has to sing a song – yes, I have been making speeches the past; it belongs to all of them may be with – in all essential respects is Scott McKenzies “San Francisco (Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair)”. She has flowers in her hair, and sing the words San Francisco, shows that the theft is aware. But what is the point? What is it I miss?


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