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George Michael’s words in his last interview – Expressen

George Michael died on 25 december.

But already in 2011 was the artist near death – when he suffered a severe pneumonia.

In his last interview reflected he over his successful career, and told of the collapse that nearly cost him his life.

George Michael was 53 years old. The artist separated himself from participating in interviews in the years before his death.

According to The Mirror, he made his last long interview 2014. George Michael spoke with his local newspaper, "Ham&High’, about everything from her fight against the diseases to their work for a better vote.

George Michael tells in the interview about when he in 2011 was out on his "Symphonica"-tour. The artist suffered from a lugninflammation and had to set up several plays. George Michael tells Ham&High how bad off he was.

Michael was admitted to a hospital in Austria, and the doctors had to perform a tracheotomy on him – a surgery where you cut into the trachea – to be able to keep his airway open.

George Michael: "Killed me"

Michael says he fought for his life against the disease and that he was unconscious during parts of the hospital – which lasted for weeks.

– Yes, it killed me almost, ” he told the Ham&High.

George Michael recovering from lunginflammationen.

– On a subconscious level so it was scary and I will probably never feel as secure again. But, oh my god, I was so grateful to survive and happy to come back to my home in London, ” he told the Ham&High.

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When Michael collapsed, he was out on tour with a full orchestra.

” I like to challenge myself and improve myself as a singer. Believe me, to sing with a full orchestra is a way to do it, ” he says.

George Michael: "Has never left me"

In his last interview took Wham-the star also addressed future projects and reflected on what lay behind his successes and the fact that he continued as an artist.

” I think that it is my passion. The desire to communicate in an honest way, rather than wanting to be seen and make some money, he said, and continued:

” I have always had a strong intention to be direct and sensitive with my songs, and it has never left me. When music comes from the heart, it is just as great artistic work like a painting or a book, ” he said.

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George Michael was not sure what lies behind the long and successful career.

” I don’t know how it happened. I really do not know it, but maybe it’s because people can see my will and desire to make the best music I absolutely can. Who knows?

"George passed away peacefully"

George Michael died on 25 december. According to his manager Michael Lippman, he shall have passed away due to heart failure. George Michael’s spokesperson confirmed the death in a statement during the night on Monday:

“It is with great sadness that we can confirm to our dear son, brother and friend, George, has passed away peacefully in his home over christmas,” he writes, and adds:

“the Family wish for their privacy to be respected at this tough and emotional time. There will not be any more comments right now.”

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