Friday, December 30, 2016

Now close the ancient Sagateatern in Umeå, sweden – Radio Sweden

Sagateatern first opened as a cinema in 1959 and since then has hosted both amateur and professional actors. Many Umeåbor have a close relationship to the old premises in the centre of town, within a few years, will be demolished to make room for an apartment house.

Anna Cedergren is the manager at Umeå theatre association, which has pushed Sagateatern the last time, and she has met Umeåbor as sad that the theater is now in the grave.

” They love that they have been here since they were children. Here I was with my grandmother, I was here when I turned ten… It’s the kind of stories that pop up when you think about it to disappear.

And there is a local with a very low threshold, it is very unassuming. It is easy to get into, and feel that here I may be, I am as important as all the others. This is no big deal, continue Cedergren.

Almost free

Anna Cedergren would like to have seen that the premises byggnadsminnesförklarats, something that had prevented them from being demolished. However, it is impossible because they have been renovated too much.

According to her, is one of the strengths of the Saga that it has been so cheap for the compounds to be there.

– this space has been so görbillig to be in, and for some of the compounds to the and with free. They have not had to seek the money because they have been able to work it in the closet, so of course we have had any kind of socialekonomi here that you can’t recreate anywhere else, ” says Cedergren.

“Will not be more expensive.”

Tomas Wennstrom, a social democrat and chairman of the cultural committee, said that the competition for the scenes will increase, but that there will not be more expensive for the small clubs from now when the Saga is lost.

– It is not more expensive that way, then we have subsidised rents. We go in with quite a substantial municipal subsidy to cultural life in order to reduce the rental costs for the smaller clubs.


One that has spent many hours on the Saga is Sven Björklund, who is a member of the Umeåbaserade humor group Cluster.

Despite the fact that the theatre has long been in need of major repairs, he will miss instead.

” Yes, it will surely make some grand. And these awful lodges down there, where there is no air, haha. And the fancy foyer. Absolutely, it will do, ” says Björklund.


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