Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hundraettåringen” – a family history of Herngrens – Aftonbladet

"We know each other so crazy good, we know what the other is thinking"

When "Hundraettåringen" is back in christmas, it is not only directors Felix and Måns Herngrens name rolls in the credits.

– Statistarvodena takes up 58 of the 63 million in the budget, joking Felix Herngren, whose children also appears in the film.

After biosuccén with "the Centenarian who climbed out the window and disappeared" is the director Felix Herngren, sweden, 49, is back with a long awaited sequel. And this time he has shared regissörsstolen with big brother Måns Herngren, sweden, 51.

– I felt exhausted after the first recording, and now when we would do the sequel in even shorter time, I felt that if Gary had the time and desire to be with so everything would go a lot better. It turned out to be a wise choice, says Felix Herngren.

Måns Herngren, it is the first time he get to work with such a great production. The film, like its predecessor, a budget of 63 million.

– Sometimes scrape together a lot of money to the Swedish film, but it is often just kriminalfilm or drama. To bring out the curves and make a fun film on this level is very cool.

Smaller fractions

It is not the first time they work together, and according to Måns Herngren he learns to still the lot of his brother.

– It is very stimulating to see how Felix is doing. He is, for example, very good at directing people who are not professional actors, which is something that I am very concerned, ” says Måns Herngren.

Has the cooperation been painless?

– Now it has been there. We have fought very much in our younger days, ” says Felix.

And had very much fun, interjects Måns quickly.

– Absolutely. There is a simplicity to work together. We know each other so crazy good, so it is not always necessary put words on everything. We donít understand yet what the other thinks, says Felix Herngren.

the Whole family involved

the Brothers are not the only one in the family Herngren who are involved in the production. Måns daughter and wife are seen a glimpse of the past as extras, like the three of Felix’s children.

it Is a new family Skarsgård at the time?

– Mom and dad was actually in "the Centenarian". But I forgot to have with them in the closing credits, which the mother contested. It was very embarrassing.

Want to not make the same mistake as with the "Sunny side"

That the expectations are high on this year’s christmas blockbuster movie see Felix Herngren only as something positive. And wise from previous experience, he hopes to have the track on how to make a good sequel.

– the Mistake like I did with the "Sunny side" was that I screwed up the pitch. Generally want the producers to do that one, although a bit more of it, which was good. Kind of like pouring more sugar in a cake that everyone likes. But it does not work, then there will be the crap out of everything.

– We absolutely should not do if one. Now we start from zero.


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