Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sigrid on hot kärleksresan: ”Can the birds and the bees” – Aftonbladet

the Week love to travel will be hot for Sigrid Bergåkra and her Pål Mases.
And hästbonden does not mince words about the sparks.
– I am 43 years old, has three children and can the thing with the flowers and the bees – and that he can also, ” she says in the programme.

this Year’s "Farmer seeks wife" has been a bumpy kärleksväg Sigrid Bergåkra. But finally she found the right in its Pål Mases. In this week’s episode, she can’t stop talking about the hot feelings for him.
– It feels like I found home. We have much mischief, both Pål and me. We have chosefri mood. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking sex and sex life, it is as much bus everywhere we are, ” she says in tonight’s program.
the next Day she tells her fiery about their night together.
– It is lovely to be with Pål. We are adults and enjoying each other. I am 43 years old, has three children and can the thing with the flowers and the bees – and it can he also.

"Is not vulgar"

Nöjesbladet ” she says of the choice to be outspoken.
– I believe that you can be straight and honest when it comes to this stuff. We are adults and have such a great life together. It is absolutely so natural it can be, the natural approach should be a part of more people, ” she says.
She feels herself not that she is vulgar, but rather the contrary.
– I’m not vulgar, almost prudish, even if it may not be, but I am more than normal in my thoughts. It’s nice to not be the introvert, ” she says.
The journey to Malta she remembers only Pål.
� �� It was just so hot and passionate that I had desired me for so long. It was an absolutely wonderful trip. I only had eyes for Pål, the other is a thing of the past, ” she says and laughs.

A messy

In the program is visible the pair, including horse – drawn carriage together, stroll in the small alleys and eat breakfast in bed.
– We got some great moments together, and only had eyes for each other. It had not played any role, wherever in the world we found ourselves.
After a messy year she is looking forward to a quiet christmas and new year.
– the Summer was turbulent, perhaps the worst in life. And definitely the best – hitting Pål has been worth every second, ” she says.


the Suitors in the "Farmer seeks wife" – as it was then


New, sexy "Farmer seeks wife" is "good tv" TV4 – Nöjesbladets TV-track


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