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Roy Andersson: “This beats all things” – Aftonbladet

Venice. Roy Andersson won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for “A pigeon sat on a branch and musing on life.”

– This beats everything. As to win the Giro d’Italia cycling, with people cheering on the sidewalks, says the 71-year-old director Nöjesbladet.

In retrospect, one can well say it was a bit in the air.

In Tuesday night when the Swedish Film Institute, the Swedish Embassy in Rome and Studio 24 (Roy Andersson’s film company) had a party for the film, came much of the jury into the party towards the end , they had eaten and drunk well in the restaurant next door, and all testified Roy Andersson homage.

Quite unusual behavior for a jury, if you ask me.

Roy Andersson has been doing in four years, with its 40 million kronor expensive film, mostly shot in his own studio at Sibyllegatan in Stockholm.

The first Swedish winner

There is a sort of sequel to and made in much the same style as the other two films in the trilogy, “Songs from the Second Floor” (2000) and “You, the Living” (2007). The former won the Jury Prize at Cannes.

“A pigeon …” passes a variety of human destinies revue in the history of the two chipped men (Nils West Blom, Holger Andersson) who are trying to earn a living by selling jokes. A film that says a lot about life in Sweden, in the world, and – above all – about being human.

This is the first time that a Swedish film vying for Guldlejoner in Venice for 25 years.

This is the first time ever, a Swedish film wins the prize.

– This was huge, huge, huge. A full house cheered. People on the sidewalks who cheered when we came out of the salon. An extraordinary display where especially a young audience seems to have taken the film. This beats everything, says Roy.

At the scene, he said:

– I’m a bit shaky. Grazie mille! Thanks so much! It is a great honor.

– Italy is a country that has produced so many masterpieces. If I had not seen these movies so maybe I had not been a film director today. De Sica’s “The Bicycle Thief” is my absolute favorite movie with so many brilliant scenes which is about exactly what the movie should support, humanity and empathy. I’ll try to continue to make movies as good as “The Bicycle Thief.” He received the award from the jury, which this year was led by the chairman Alexandre Desplat, well-known film composer.

– Yes, I was pretty shaky, but got to say what I wanted to say, says Roy Nöjesbladet, one hour later.

How do you celebrate winning?

– After the photocall and press conference is the dinner, he Barroso, President of the EU, will certainly be with also , besides all movie people down here.

“I’m a bit of a tease”

You’ve been pretty cocky all the time with you to win the Golden Lion, it feels good Now when you got right?

– I’m a bit of a tease, it’s done with humor. It is especially fun to Ruben Östlund and I tease a little with each other now. After my win here, he may expect to end up in the shade a bit, ha ha.

Next, go to Roy Andersson on to the film festival in Toronto today. If now is not the strike that caused chaos at the Venice airport for a few hours in the afternoon yesterday, extended today, there is a risk it.

Roy Andersson’s film has Sweden premiere 14 November.


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