Wednesday, July 15, 2015

“Sing-along” -hyllningen Bosse Larsson – Express

“Sing-along at Skansen” was an emotional moment – with a tribute to the late legendary Bosse Larsson.

Petra Marklund along with production deeply touched, and the program had to be rescheduled for the tribute.

– It was pretty obvious to give up her place for that, says Zara Larsson who gave up his singing.

Early on Sunday joined the legendary singing leader Bosse Larsson away. During Tuesday’s “Sing-along at Skansen” hailed Bosse Larsson with its own theme song “Sing along, sing along”.

– This is for you, Bosse said singalong leader Petra Marklund in the consignment .

The Accolade affected the entire production, she says after shipment.

– We’ve done what we think Bosse had liked best, singing “Sing along, sing with,” says Petra Marklund leading “Sing-along at Skansen”.

Many of those who worked with Bosse Larsson testify to his love of singing and special singing together. And before the audience at Skansen became an emotional moment for Marklund.

– It has been a great atmosphere, but also emotional. It was some of the artists who knew Bosse here tonight, she says.

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reacted at Zara Larsson’s involvement

She says the former singing the leader’s death involved the entire production. Petra Marklund also told on stage what Larsson meant for the program.

– We have all been involved in talking us together on this, ‘she says.

Zara Larsson , 17, made his second sing. But many viewers reacted to the young star was not allowed to sing any singing. Something she gave up when SVT planned in tribute to Bosse.

– Sing was good although I did not get any allsångslåt. It went away because they wanted to sing a song memory for Bosse Larsson. It seemed quite obvious to give up his place for it, she says.

Zara Larsson sang a song during the broadcast and also completed the entire “Sing” with a final performance. The last song went to see the webcast following the television broadcast.

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Berghagen changed the theme song

“Sing along, sing along” was the song Bosse Larsson always opened “Sing” during the almost 20 years he led it. When Lasse Berghagen took over after Bosse Larsson 1994 he switched to the “Stockholm in my heart” as the opening melody to put their own stamp on the program.

The mix of guests was great as usual , which is a tradition that was started by Bosse Larsson. There was also an idea he drove in his program “Nygammalt” and which he then took with him to “Sing-along at Skansen”.

– I associate Bosse Larsson with the incredible joy, the strong energy and enthusiasm Sing and everyone sings together. And it is something that leads on and is something we are trying to manage, says project By Rådelius .

Bosse Larsson lost the fight against cancer, and was 81 years old. He was honored earlier in the week even in TV4′s singing program “Lotta at Liseberg”, and tributes have poured in from colleagues and people affected during his long career.

“We are overwhelmed, touched and grateful for all , family, friends and acquaintances but also those who Bosse touched during their career, which draws attention Bosses death, “wrote the family said in a statement earlier this week.


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