Friday, July 31, 2015

Snoops rapid test was positive – Aftonbladet

After the concert in Uppsala stopped Snoop Dogg of the police.

They suspected that he was the influence of drugs and took him to the police station to pee test.

Now, rapid test that rapper had traces of drugs in itself, writes UNT.

– The quick test that we conducted on Snoop Dogg was positive. It shows that there were traces of drugs in him, says Christer Nordström , information officer at the police in Uppsala, the UNT.

To get it completely determined, however, takes longer.

– The final assay response of the sample may take several weeks, says Christer Nordström.

“A chance”

During and after the police intervention was Snoop Dogg considerably pissed and told about the incident in several videos on Instagram.

– I know that many of you are worried about me. I made it. They took me and forced me to pee in a cup and did not do shit. Nothing. Fuck you, he says in a clip.

After leaving the station, police said Nöjesbladet that it was a pure coincidence that rapstjärnans car was stopped.

– There is a chance. We had control of the vehicle which, as I have interpreted it, said Christer Nordström at police in Uppsala Nöjesbladet then.

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