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AC / DC star was taken by police after brawl – Expressen

Early on Sunday ended a freelance photographer PO Sannäs afoul of a person in AC / DC’s company.

Sannäs say they have been beaten by a designated man.

According Sannäs so should the man and his companion, where Stevie Young playing in the band included, have left the site.

They were later taken by police.

It was the night of Sunday as riots broke out outside the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, the hotel where the rock band AC / DC was staying during his visit to Stockholm.

The origin was a person who at the time claimed to be AC ​​/ DC’s manager, should have attacked freelance photographer PO Sannäs , who was there on behalf of Aftonbladet.

According Sannäs he photographed when the members of the band signed autographs for his fans. Sanna says that he took a picture with the flash, something that should have been the designated man to drag him into the hotel entrance and pushing him up against a wall.

Sannäs describe it as unpleasant.

Angus Young was out and signed autographs and stood up on the images. I took one photo with flash. When flying that man to me. He starts arguing. He was intimidating. He grabbed me and the camera. It was really uncomfortable. He pushed me up against the wall. I was afraid the camera would break. And it did little sore arm, says PO Sannäs.

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“I will be damn surprised “

According Sannäs be Stevie Young , a bodyguard and the designated man to have left the hotel area in a taxi. But police were alerted and arrived at the scene.

– Police stopped the taxi. It was the hotel who called the police, I think. I will be damn surprised because everything was so quiet.

According to Sanna, both Stevie Young, and the man who according to the data attacked him have been questioned.

– Police took guitarist Stevie Young, this man and one I believe was a bodyguard and put them against the wall and interrogated them. They pressed them pretty hard against the wall. They made a good effort and came very quickly.

Norrmalm Police confirms that it responded to an alarm at the Grand Hotel on Saturday night.

According to the police established two entries – one for assault against the alleged manager and a counter-claim of molestation against Sannäs.

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“Just that guy”

– Clearly, it was a shoving outside the hotel where the AC / DC lived. Someone should have shoved the photographer and pulled him into the entrance says Kent Backlund , station officer at Norrmalm police.

He states that the designated man said to be the manager.

The hearing should have been held, but the police would not comment with which, without referring to the confidentiality of investigations.

In the pictures from the event seen Stevie Young companionship standing with his hands against the wall during the police operation.

PO Sanna is shocked by the incident. His earlier meetings with the band has only been positive.

– AC / DC is a really nice band. Great to have to deal with. Their security personnel too. And Angus Young is constantly out and sign autographs. It was just this guy, he says.

The identified man is a person who is registered in Sweden.

Kristofer Akesson, press contact the organizer Live Nation who booked the band, says he did not know of the event.

“Unfortunately not. And what they do outside the concert / arena is not really my thing,” writes Christopher Åkesson sms.

He has not heard that AC / DC would have a Swedish manager with it.

“Someone Swedish in their tour company I have not seen or heard of,” he writes on.

On the record company Sony where AC / DC is, we do not know the occurrence, and refer to Live Nation.

But Sony investigating while the matter further.

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