Friday, July 17, 2015

Lasse Kronér exposed Phone coup – Express

Lasse kroners phone has landed on a sexsajt.

It is said to number lead to a woman – and since then the TV host had to receive calls.

– In the night there was a man who wanted a CamShow. I thought: “Yes, it might be fun,” says Lasse Kronér.

The beloved TV host Lasse Kronér, 52, got his phone number subcontracted to a sexsajt.

First, he wrote about the event on Twitter:

“What fun that someone put my number on a sexsite as a voluptuous blonde. As if you had not enough before, now panting men 24/7. Yes. “

On sexsidan stated Lasse kroners phone number belong to a woman.

– You will arrive at a page with any girl who will sell something or whatever it may be. And now they call me and want me to … it feels like that huh, says TV host.

Since the number was posted on sexsajten the TV host is calling – what he describes is “groaning fools” .

– Two days ago it started to make a lot of moaning fools. I vettefan if it is so good it here. It’s a little dicey. My phone rings the right good as it is. It rings incessantly, says Lasse Kronér.

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He has tried to visit the website to find deleted his phone number, but without success.

– Then you must be a member and shit and I do not want to become. So I vettefan how I’m going to stop it, says TV host.

A person who has reached Lasse Kronér have asked about a CamShow.

– The hard part is that I can not enter the site and stop it. It’s a fucking idiot put my number out there so it calls those where panting men around the clock. At night there was a man who wanted a CamShow. I thought: “Yes, it might be fun,” he says.

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Does it feel uncomfortable, or you can laugh about it?

– I’m a little tjötig so I talk to them when they call. We had been out and played golf just eighteen holes. I think I have received over twenty calls during your round so I have talked a bit between balls with someone: “servants, hey.’re Out and play some golf.” But no, it’s not so much fun, says Lasse Kronér.

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