Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reluctantly did Ica Stig success – Swedish Dagbladet

hans mosesson Photo: Mattias Alm

Summer jockey: hans mosesson, an actor with a past in the National Theatre. Best known as ICA-Stig.

Focus: Mosesson ask themselves “what shape a human being?”. Clues as to what format hans mosesson we get when he describes his journey from the Naval Academy through the late 60th century radical Lund and the National Theatre in Gothenburg in the 70s to the role of store manager Stig in Ica commercial.

The style : A pretty neat mixture: Astor Piazzolla, Nina Simone, Charles Aznavour, Ray Charles, Monica Zetterlund, Amy Winehouse and, of course, the National Theatre.

The highlight: Mosesson describes a “longing out of the bubble of petty bourgeois conformism” with a pleasant voice and commitment. He tells of a student mice burning in Lund, acting debut as chicken in Dutch television, a Tuli Kupferberg-piece on the student theater and the National Theatre’s move to the Gothenburg suburb. Here it is exciting to follow in behind the scenes and Mosesson guides with enthusiasm.

Here, interest fades: When Mosesson talks about life after the National Theatre is changing the pace of the program and the tone becomes slightly wistful resignation. The breakthrough Ica Stig of the masses appears as no highlight for Mosesson personally. When he ends by saying that he hopes that people will stop caring about the status of Gadgets tone of the program changed to something reminiscent of a Sunday sermon.


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