Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wiehe: Leaving an immense sadness – Swedish Radio

The beloved artist and comedian Robert Broberg is dead. He was 75 years old.

As a musician, Robert Broberg known for their distinctive songs with humorous elements as “Unlockables Barbara,” “Tickle my back “” I have to stop myself, “and” Båtlåt “.

But he made himself known not only as a musician, but it was with the SVT programs Hyland’s Corner in 1967 as Robert Broberg breakthrough. During his career he made several daily entertainment for both young and old, including Tjejjer and The Pling & amp; Plong show.

Self, he defined himself as a painter and described in an interview with Swedish Radio in 2004 his profession like this:

– It is not that I see myself as a singer alone, I sing and has been gifted with a good singing voice, but really I am just as much a lyricist, but I’m not so unambiguous and not a composer but also as much I like to express me in the picture. I am an artist who would like to join the lyrics, melody, my voice and my bildidé in wholes, says Robert Broberg in an interview in 2004.

Robert Broberg was 75 years and walked away the night of Tuesday. He had for many years suffered from a rare form of Parkinson’s.

– I think above all that he will leave an immense sadness for himself with his audience, his audience was very sprinkles and he was very loved by his audiences. He filled the globe many times as any self with a guitar, Artist colleague Mika after news of Robert Broberg’s death.


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