Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer in P1 22/7: Gunilla Röör – Göteborgs-Posten

Actor Gunilla Röör tells intensively on the way to the theater.

“Everything’s something on Theatre and nothing is what it’s called. “

Ms Röörs expressive voice tells of the way to the theater with the big T, to find the meaning in the text that are only worth something in the meeting with the audience.

Her generation actors were schooled in Stanislavkij method: play as if you experienced the text, as if it is happening, happening at that moment.

In its Summer explores Gunilla Röör the indefinable in the theater that makes magic can be created in the moment. But it okonkreta also allows the actor questioning its importance and Gunilla Röör vacillates between actor who mock and narrative force. But on a trip to postwar Sarajevo, she discovers that she still believes in fairytales force of darkness.

Ms Röörs Summer is an intense experience; besides actor and director, she is a professor of dramatic performance and she uses her knowledge of voice, timing, dramaturgy and design to create mood.

In a vulnerable situation as a young actor supported her by Jane Friedman, who receive thanks to the program. And Gunilla Röörs good friend actor Tommy Andersson’s last appearance before the cancer took his life gets a nice tribute.

Ms Röörs sommarprat requires an attentive listener; every word is bursting with meaning and every exhalation and tone fulfills a function. But whoever comes through is a powerful story richer.

The last sentence: “This is your summer host Gunilla Röör now bows out, actors and old fool”.

Music Only female artists and very mixed, for example, Laleh, Betty Davis, Salma Hayek.

Today’s worth: Arkan Asaad, author, lecturer, martial artists.


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