Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zara Larsson Summer day: Back together – Göteborgs-Posten

In his Sommarpratarna thank the artist and feminist Zara Larsson for the support she received recently and encourage all girls to back each other.

– I want to thank those who have supported and backed me and still does. The best tip I can give to women and girls my age are backing each other. It gives so much, says Zara Larsson.

It was in June that Zara Larsson criticized Bråvalla festival to all the main acts were men, and then swept a wave of hatred of her on social media. The spontaneously started the campaign Backa Zara showed artists, politicians and individuals support. When Zara Larsson hosts the Summer in P1 she continues to talk of feminism and gender equality, and the macho culture, patriarchy and näthat.

– If you think I’m disgusting and should die, shall find it. But when you think goes from being ideas for writing and publishing it somewhere so you are committing a crime, she says in her Sommarpratarna.

Zara Larsson, 17, is the youngest Sommarpratarna years ever. She explains that for her man-hating abbreviation of machokulturshat, and speaks with the same commitment in the radio show as she usually show up in social media.

– man-hating is not a solution, but a healthy reaction to women hatred that permeates society . Violence, rape, persecution and threats. Misogyny leads to murder, but the man’s hatred, it kills not, it does no harm, it is not a social problem.

She urges women to stand up, raise your voice and support each other.

– We protect each other from all the terrible. As long as we have each other, we are indestructible, she says.

Summer in P1 with Zara Larsson sent today, Saturday, at 13.00, both on radio and on the web. Afterwards there is the opportunity to chat with Zara Larsson at Swedish Radio website.


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