Sunday, July 19, 2015

Angus Young lift and carry the whole evening “- Aftonbladet

“Rock or bust”

AC / DC Monitor blasts off on Friends. Brian’s energy impresses more than the song of the evening’s first song.

“Shoot to thrill”

Maxtänd audience directly, and the pieces start to fall into place in tonight’s first classic.

“Hell is not a bad place to be”

Exceptionally strong, nicely lit and Angus in great shape.

“Back in black”

What a fucking bang! The first chord strikes the Friends as a pressure wave. Brian’s song hangs not really, but Angus thunders .

“Play Ball”

Dussinlåt from the new album that quite expected it difficult to reach some euphoric heights after “Back in black”.

“Dirty deeds done dirt cheap”

Hard to fail with one of the band’s best songs. But Brian neck allows taggigare than ever.


Lightning and thunder and cheers Championship inside the stadium. Angus shines.

“High Voltage”

Stable and playfully presented classics. Tough, although it does not really burn for this evening.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Train”

The shaky train today. The hard puffing locomotive Chris Slade slips a bit on the accelerator.

“Hells Bells”

gruesomely stylish number with the obligatory clock dangling over the bloodshot stage.

“Baptism By Fire “

The newly written fuel that works perfectly fine, especially Brian’s voice.

” You shook me all night long “

Joy Pills that are completely impossible to defend against. The cameras are digging up lucky fans on the monitors do not make things worse.

“Sin City”

Beautiful “Powerage” -juvel which also allows both radiant and playing in front of the stage. Continued Angus brilliance. Yum.

“Shot Down In Flames”

Stable between the numbers.

“Have a drink on me”

Fun energy package of “Back in Black”.


No unexpectedly some of its poise in the evening, not only because it is one of those songs that Brian’s Song limping. supported by the audience.

“Whole Lotta Rosie”

Classic Rock ‘n’ roll euphoria – with extra everything in inflatable Rosie-slapstick.

“Let there be rock”

A sweaty Angus Young in the only school shorts and fabulous great shape. Solo The show is forever long – but for once motivated. Magical moment with 53,686 fans at times powerfully lit in the stadium.


“Highway to Hell”

People Festive down to the last chair of the Friends. Lovely red colored scene and hard-nosed effort by both AC / DC and the audience.

“For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)”

Powerful and leaden finish with the usual bombastic cannon cavalcade. Brian fighters.


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