Saturday, July 18, 2015

TV4 Louise Andersson Bodin: “We have made the right decision” – Aftonbladet

TV4 receive harsh criticism for how the channel handled the debate surrounding Louise Andersson Bodin and Adam Tensta.

But Pelle Porseryd, executive producer at TV4, thinks that the channel has acted properly .

Adam Tensta got up and left “Nyhetsmorgon” was the starting point for a very rancorous debate.

Hip-Hop artist wanted to protest that TV4 earlier this year invited Youtube profile Louise Andersson Bodin , which has been criticized for having spoken out racist in his Youtube channel.

TV4 then responded by poking Louise Andersson Bodin from “Run!”, a new program that will premiere in the fall. Youtube profile would be in a section.

Since then, Louise Andersson Bodin received death threats while the network is flooded with racist comments directed at Adam Tensta.

But even TV4 has received its fair share of criticism.

On the channel’s Facebook page accusing many TV4 to be cowardly and several wrote that they now plan to boycott the channel. Even Adam Tensta has criticized TV4 to move the focus from the subject matter by kicking Louise Andersson Bodin.

Today says Pelle Porseryd , executive producer at TV4, that any criticism was not included as part of the decision-making process that led to Louise Andersson Bodin was dropped.

– The decision was based on other grounds.

How do you handle criticism?

– We are listening and trying to understand all sides.

“Adam has the full right to their opinion”

Meanwhile, Pelle Porseryd convinced he made the right decision.

– Casting Work is a complex process with many parameters that must be taken into account. I respect those who have any criticism and understand everyone’s commitment to the issue. However, we are confident that we have taken the right decision based on the situation at large.

Adam Tensta accuse you of “fulspel”, what do you say about it?

– Adam have the right to their opinion. In the case of “Run!” As the purpose is not to move the focus but to ensure the safety of persons linked to the program.

In retrospect, do you wish you had you done something different?

– We can always get better at what we do and are constantly working to improve ourselves.

Had you been able to do more to curb the amount of hateful and racist comments?

– As long as hatred and racism are so we can always do more.

Yesterday developed Adam Tensta, which means that TV4 normalizes racism, its criticism channel.

– TV4 has so much power and so much power. A channel that reaches out to almost everyone who owns a television in Sweden today. With this fact, I think many with me that it follows an equal responsibility. There are not only many of us who think so, TV4 has itself has assumed responsibility through work under the banner #nollrasism, he writes among other things on Facebook.


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