Thursday, July 23, 2015

Arkan Asaad want to inspire young people – Swedish Radio

If you were listening to P1 today, did you perhaps Arkan Asaads Sommarpratarna. Arkan is an author, lecturer, and martial artist. He tells how he was 19 years old was married to his cousin and what taekwondo has meant to him.

– There are certain things that happen in life that characterizes and makes one to the man’s. In my Sommarpratarna I try to take the listener on a journey through my life, says Arkan Asaad.

When you were 19 years told your dad that you would marry your cousin. Do you remember how you reacted then?

– I’ve grown up here in a very safe and free world. So when my dad told me I was very shocked. Most shocked by my own feelings, I found this was so wrong. But no one else around me thought it was wrong.

In the beginning struggled to accept the marriage but eventually you went along with it. How is it?

– I loved my parents and I did not want to disappoint them. And this is probably something that many can identify with, regardless of what it is about. It may be that you have a different sexuality or that they choose to study something that your parents say you should do, says Arkan Asaad.


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