Thursday, July 30, 2015

Timbuktu inaugurated Pride: “What is normal?” – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / TT news agency

On Wednesday afternoon, opened the gates to Pride Park Östermalms IP in Stockholm. Inauguration Gala, under the leadership of the entertainment duo Sean-Magnus, was launched by hip-hop artist and presenter Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité, who in his speech thanked his parents, hailed differences and warned of how fear can propel the “desperate solutions.”

– What is normal, and who the hell wants to be there? I want to meet people, I do not want to measure the people, he said, among other things.

– We must achieve equal rights for all. I am willing to sacrifice all the time I can to make Sweden the most equal country, he concluded.

After the speech presented a skit where a Putin-impersonator got a cake in the face.

During the opening evening parts, RFSL Stockholm and Union prizes. Traditionally, the front singer Marlene Laszlo “Somewhere over the rainbow”. Even artists like Ace Wilder, Meja and Louise Hoffsten occur during the evening, and this year’s Pride artist Mariette Hansson front of this year’s Pride song “My revolution.”

– We are delighted that operators and organizations with and fills our platform recognizes enthusiasts and organizations doing important work for the equality of all people. That is how we must change the world. There are many, many ripples, says Sandra Ehne, president of Stockholm Pride.

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / TT news agency

Stockholm Pride closed 1 August. The program is full of program events, from seminars to music, the festival’s bases Pride Park, Pride House, Kinky Block, Young Pride and Pride city.

A new feature this year is that the Pride for the first time attended by hip-hop artists. On (For) the party in Pride Park on Friday night to play, among others, Grilling & amp; Grandy and Lilla Namo.

– Stockholm Pride has historically had a narrower selection of music on its stage, with more pop and schlager. There is no group that is as heterogeneous as the LGBT community, but we must be transparent and admit that music offering has been extremely homogeneous over the years and many have not been able to identify. The point of the reservation is to show the diversity that exists in the community. We wanted to book acts that are 100 percent behind the message and struggle for human rights and LGBT rights. It feels great, says Jessica W Sandberg, Producer (For) party.

Saturday’s Pride Parade departs from the Maria Square at 13th


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