Monday, July 20, 2015

Leila Lindholm sommarprat reported – Aftonbladet

The story of its own brand was too much.

Three listeners have reported Leila Lindholm sommarprat to the review board – for unfair advantage.

– Screenwriter’s sent and carefully examined by Swedish Radio lawyer before transmission, says Leila Lindholm.

Leila Lindholm debuted as a summer jockey last week.

The program These included death, sexism in the restaurant – and it’s own entrepreneurship.

A bit too much about entrepreneurship and brand, like some listeners.

Review Board has received three complaints of favoritism .

The “Summer Values ​​sold in both their companies and products several times during the program,” “The program allowed Leila Lindholm make repeated promotions for their own business,” and “I believe that Leila in this media made rude much advertising both for his books as their shops, missing only the addresses of those “it says in the reports.

” Also had Ingvar Kamprad “

The program manager Bibi Rödöö know the notifications.

– We also had Ingvar Kamprad, who talked about that he had created Ikea and what he had done on the way there, she says.

She has no comments on the summer talk.

– We knew what she wanted to tell and how she would put it, we thought it was okay. So the review board must try it, she says.

Helena Bay on the authority for radio and television tells Aftonbladet that both “Summer in P1″ and other productions from getting away with precipitation to the promotion may be justified an entertainment or information of interest.

– There have been some complaints and we will listen to it and examine it, then we’ll see how it sounds and what it contains for anything, she says.

Leila Lindholm himself responds Nöjesbladet via SMS.

– Manus is sent and carefully examined by Swedish Radio lawyer before the broadcast, she writes.

Aftonbladet Karin Ahlborg called Leila Lindholm sommarprat for “a record long advertisement”.


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