Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer in P1 25/7: Zara Larsson – Göteborgs-Posten

Seventeen years and already so wise. Zara Larsson goes from a traditional summer to educational explain why the man-hating healthy.

In addition to song, it starts with me (Take it) initiates artist and singer Zara Larsson traditionally, by talking about their motivation, childhood, inspirations and big goals. She is the youngest summer values ​​ever noticed at all not – except when she wants it and nicely captures the youthful paradoxes and thank the parents.

Just before half-time replacing her tracks. For she has been elevated to a kind of professional provocateur, which she nevertheless seem to find some satisfaction in. To make it uncomfortable for people to get them to wake up and get involved. To constantly visible makes it difficult for the haters.

She asks the questions: What are some so afraid of? Why are they so upset that the hatred runs from the tanks to the keyboard?

She explains pedagogical what patriarchy is and what feminism wants, the difference between misogyny and man-hating and why the first is a social problem and the latter is a natural reaction . And why men also are losers in the prevailing macho culture and who do not raise their voice are involved in oppression. She uses figures and examples (a heartbreaking from his father’s military service in Afghanistan) and pepper with the music selection.

Zara Larsson uses his time well – it is to be hoped that people dare to listen. And above all understand.

The last sentence: It starts with me. My name is Zara Larsson and this was my first Summer in P1 … and for nearly five months, I am of legal age. Have a nice summer, goodbye!

music Sophisticated, illustrative and unusual mixed – from Elvis to Beyonce, Drake to Laleh, Aerosmith to Silvana Imam, Erik Hassle for Stromae.

Sunday’s summer host: Olle Jönsson, dance band singer.


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